Nexus Repository Manager 3.2.0 Release Notes

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Please download and use the latest version of Nexus Repository Manager 3.

Nexus Repository Manager 3.2.0 Release Notes

These notes are a compilation of new features and significant bug fixes for Nexus Repository Manager 3.2.0.

See the complete release notes for all resolved issues.

New and Noteworthy

Backup & Restore

We’ve made two improvements to Nexus Repository for a better backup/restore experience. All content written to internal storage (the ‘blob stores’) is now handled in a quasi-atomic way, for better consistency of backups taken while Nexus is in use.

Secondly, there’s a new scheduled task to export the content of the embedded databases. We recommend all Nexus Repository installs review their backup and restore procedures in light of these new features.

Nexus Firewall Support

For Pro installs, Nexus Repository 3.2 now includes integration with Nexus Firewall. This brings industry-leading security to your proxy repositories, allowing policy-driven auditing and quarantining of components.

If you’re already using Nexus Firewall with Nexus Repository 2, you’ll want to wait for the next release, which will have built-in support for upgrading Firewall configuration and audit/quarantine state.

Purging Orphaned Docker Images

By popular demand, we’ve added a task to help keep down those disk-bursting Docker repository sizes. You can now remove dangling or orphaned Docker layers on demand, or schedule this cleanup to occur automatically.

Archived log file names changes

The repository manager archived log file names now adhere to the same name pattern ( ie. nexus-%d{yyyy-MM-dd}.log.gz and request-%d{yyyy-MM-dd}.log.gz ) [ NEXUS-11726 ]

Scalability Improvements for Larger Numbers of Repositories

The performance team has focused on some key changes that improve the overall number of repositories that Nexus can handle.

Known Issues Upgrading to 3.2.0

Along with 3.2.0, we’re releasing a bugfix version of Nexus Repository 2.14.2. If you wish to upgrade to 3.2.0, you must upgrade to 2.14.2 at a minimum first. For details, see the 2.14.2 release notes.

If you have ever scheduled a Rebuild hosted npm metadata task in 2.x, we do not recommend upgrading your npm hosted repositories to 3.x until we address NEXUS-11988 .

Some 3.0.x repository manager users with custom roles may unexpectedly be able to see the list of all repositories in the system in the user interface Browse area after upgrade to 3.1 and 3.2. No actual content inside of those repositories is accessible. [ NEXUS-11937 ]

If your 3.0.x install uses absolute paths ( instead of the default relative paths ) to locations inside the data directory, then you may need to adjust those paths using a special procedure on upgrade. We have documented the supported procedure to move blob store locations in this scenario.

A reminder that custom installation property changes should be done inside of ${}/etc/ DO NOT make these changes inside the example file inside your application directory at ./etc/ [ NEXUS-11733 ]


General Improvements


  • [NEXUS-11950] Improvement implement quasi-atomic writes for all blobstore content

IQ Server

  • [NEXUS-10913] Bug "Verify connection" button on IQ server configuration page does not validate credentials

Content Selectors

  • [NEXUS-11634] Bug Search and Browse not handling leading slash properly for content selectors compatibility
  • [NEXUS-11632] Bug Content selector preview not handling leading slash properly


  • [NEXUS-11903] Bug ClassCastException Cannot cast java.lang.Long to java.util.Date during deploy


  • [NEXUS-11698] Bug browsing hosted docker repo may trigger UnrecognizedPropertyException Unrecognized field

Docker,Scheduled Tasks

  • [NEXUS-9293] Improvement add a task to purge dangling docker images performance


  • [NEXUS-11673] Bug clarify nexus-edition and nexus-features property applicability


  • [NEXUS-11733] Bug editing is not discouraged


  • [NEXUS-11726] Bug archived log file names should be named consistently

Maven Repository,Transport

  • [NEXUS-10234] Bug Maven httpclient may receive SocketException Broken pipe instead of expected status code on deploy

Maven Repository,Scheduled Tasks

  • [NEXUS-11614] Bug poor performance from snapshot removal tasks rebuilding maven metadata performance


  • [NEXUS-11925] Bug Nexus 2 to Nexus 3 upgrade may fail with NullPointerException Cannot invoke method extract while processing RepositoryChangelogResource
  • [NEXUS-11923] Improvement perform version compatibility check when upgrading from Nexus 2.x to Nexus 3.x
  • [NEXUS-11732] Bug prevent ClassCastException when handling StorageLinkItem during upgrade to Nexus 3
  • [NEXUS-11921] Improvement explicitly prevent quarantine enabled Nexus 2 repositories from upgrade into Nexus 3
  • [NEXUS-11301] Bug upgrade to Nexus 3 fails if Nexus 2 has no anonymous user defined


  • [NEXUS-10638] Improvement add a search criteria for repository name


  • [NEXUS-9500] Improvement make capability validation message for URL type fields consistent and less confusing
  • [NEXUS-9302] Bug Administration cog icon may not be initially visible after successful sign in
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