Unable to install PyPi package

This article is for troubleshooting issues with installing PyPi packages (using pip install <package> -v) using Nexus Repository 3.x.

  • If you see errors with "Skipping link" then you may have an issue with the pip.conf configuration:
    Analyzing links from page http://localhost:8081/repository/pypi-all/pyglet/ 
    Skipping link http://localhost:8081 (from; not a file
    Skipping link http://localhost:8081/#browse/browse/components:pypi-all (from http://localhost:8081/repository/pypi-all/pyglet/); not a file
    Skipping link http://localhost:8081/#browse/browse/assets:pypi-all (from http://localhost:8081/repository/pypi-all/pyglet/); not a file
    The pip.conf file should have the following setting pinting the group repo. Notice the pypi and simple at the end of the URL:
    index = http://localhost:8081/repository/pypi-all/pypi
    index-url = http://localhost:8081/repository/pypi-all/simple
    If you prefer to configure your global pip.conf for proxy (pypi-proxy) or hosted (pypi-internal), adjust the file accordingly.

    If you see an error like the following, for proxy repo to pypi.python.org, then check that "Remote Storage" url of the proxy is correctly configured to "https://pypi.python.org/". A common mistake is to configure the url to be "https://pypi.python.org/pypi", which will fail with the following error:
  • pip -v install pyglet
    Collecting pyglet
    1 location(s) to search for versions of pyglet:
    * http://localhost:8081/repository/pypi-all/simple/pyglet/
    Getting page http://localhost:8081/repository/pypi-all/simple/pyglet/
    Starting new HTTP connection (1): localhost
    "GET /repository/pypi-all/simple/pyglet/ HTTP/1.1" 200 142
    Analyzing links from page http://localhost:8081/repository/pypi-all/simple/pyglet/
    Could not find a version that satisfies the requirement pyglet (from versions: )
    Cleaning up...
    No matching distribution found for pyglet
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