Alternative methods to Install a Nexus Repository Manager 3 license

This article applies to Nexus Repository Manager 3.1 and greater only.

Normally we recommend installing your license file using the user interface. In some cases we realize this may not be ideal, so this article outlines some alternative methods.

Installing using the karaf console

  • Shut down nexus
  • Enable the Apache Karaf console interface. Edit the file bin/nexus.vmoptions and change this line from "false" to "true":
  • Start Nexus in console mode using this command:
    ./bin/nexus run
    ./bin/nexus /run    (on Windows)
  • Press enter to drop to the Karaf console prompt, then run the following command:
    nexus:license -m install -f /path/to/license/license.lic

Copying an already installed license file into place

The Nexus Repository Manager license is stored in the Java user preferences store directory on Linux and Mac OSX. This solution will not work for Windows, as the license is stored in the Windows Registry there.

Once installed, on Linux the product license can be found in the home directory of the user running Nexus at this location:


So you can install the license through the UI on one host and then just copy that file over to a new host or different user account and you'll have an installed license for that user account.

You can also override the default location of the Java user prefs using a system property, which can change the location where the license will be stored and read from.

Find and edit the file <app_dir>/bin/nexus.vmoptions

At the end of the file, add a new line like this:


The absolute path should point to an already created directory readable by the user account running the repository manager process. Under this new directory, Nexus will expect to find the license file at a path 

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