Customize Name in IQ Policy Notification email 'From' address

If you need to differentiate between which of multiple IQ Servers sent a Policy Violation email, you may want to customize the personal name used in the From address. For example, if you want to differentiate the notification email from the "developer test" IQ instance (verses the production IQ instance), you can change the personal name from the default "Nexus IQ Server" to "Nexus-Dev IQ Server".

You can customize this via the undocumented/unsupported setting 'systemPersonal' under the 'mail' section of config.yml.
Spaces and indentation matter in the this file, so make sure the indentation is appropriate.

# Notification mail settings.
# If enabled, ensure that the baseUrl configuration setting is also enabled and correct, because generated emails often contain links to the server.

  # The host running the SMTP server to use. 
  hostname: ""


  # Personal name used as From for outgoing notification mails.
  systemPersonal: "Nexus-Dev IQ Server"

For comparison, the default "From" email source produced is:

From: Nexus IQ Server <NexusIQServer@localhost>

The modified "From" email source produced is:

From: Nexus-Dev IQ Server <NexusIQServer@localhost>



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