How do I disable recording download asset counts?

This article discusses a potential Nexus 3.3.0-3.3.2 performance issue. For information on when the performance problem will be resolved permanently refer to the Jira issue NEXUS-13087.


Nexus 3.3.0 introduced a feature that started to record download counts for repository assets. The new feature stores counts per unique asset requested during 1hr periods, before writing the counts to a database.

Given enough unique asset requests in a short period of time, a large amount of memory can be consumed tracking these counts. The memory consumption may in some cases lead to OutOfMemoryError of the Nexus JVM and contribute to server instability. Request processing and server throughput may appear to slow under high memory use and more frequent garbage collection.

This introduced performance overhead can be eliminated by a setting a system property to disable recording download asset counts.

Disabling Asset Download Counts

  1. Edit <data-dir>/etc/
  2. Add a new line at the end of that file that looks like this:
  3. Restart Nexus for the property change to have effect.


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