Nexus Repository Manager 3.3.2 Release Notes

This is not the latest version.
Please download and use the latest version of Nexus Repository Manager 3.

Nexus Repository Manager 3.3.2 Release Notes

These notes are a compilation of new features and significant bug fixes for Nexus Repository Manager 3.3.2.

See the complete release notes for all resolved issues.

New and Noteworthy

Browse Performance

Browsing large repositories especially with a UI text filter added, could take longer than the UI timeout of 60 seconds to complete. We have optimized internal queries to mitigate this effect. [ NEXUS-13095 ]

Search Performance

There have been multiple reports of slow or incomplete asset and component search. Under some circumstances, assets recently published or proxied into a repository would not show up in search results (despite being visible in browse and retrieval by client tooling). This behavior was due to the default indexing configuration which silently ignored over-capacity indexing requests. We’ve switched to a bulk indexing mode, which avoids this.[ NEXUS-12520 ]

NuGet Client Query Performance

Under some circumstances, NuGet ODATA searches could take unacceptably long to complete. Performance has been improved significantly through query optimization. [ NEXUS-12983 ]

Upgrading from 2.x

If you’re upgrading from Nexus Repository 2, you must first upgrade your installation to 2.14.4 .

General Improvements

Browse Storage

  • [ NEXUS-13140] Improvement when browsing assets in a group repository the asset summary UI should display the containing member repository name
  • [ NEXUS-13095] Bug Browse components of large repositories fails with IllegalStateException Timed out reading query result from queue performance


  • [ NEXUS-12983] Bug NuGet FindPackagesById queries may perform slowly possibly leading to general non-responsiveness performance


  • [ NEXUS-12520] Bug assets visible by browsing are not available when searching due to non-optimized elasticsearch configuration rebuilding indexes
  • [ NEXUS-12681] Bug search assets or components UI slower to respond than expected with large datasets performance
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