Nexus Repository Manager 3.4.0 Release Notes

Nexus Repository Manager 3.4.0 Release Notes

These notes are a compilation of new features and significant bug fixes for Nexus Repository Manager 3.4.0.

See the complete release notes for all resolved issues.

New and Noteworthy

Upgrading from 2.x

If you’re upgrading from Nexus Repository 2, you must first upgrade your installation to 2.14.4. See the upgrade compatibility matrix for more information.

Updated System Requirements: Increase Default File Handle limits

On Linux and Mac OSX installs, the default process file handle limits available may be too small and may cause data corruption or other significant problems if not explicitly increased. We recommend all deployments ( even previous versions) raise their available file descriptors to 65536 immediately. How to implement this change is summarized in the system requirements. [ NEXUS-12041 ].

General Performance/Scalability Improvements

All sorts of performance optimizations for existing features are in this release, primarily with scheduled tasks, browse and search. Issues which were causing OutOfMemory errors were also squashed. We continue to schedule fixing any remaining severe issues with extreme prejudice and we are confident this is the best performing 3.x release to date.

General Improvements


  • [ NEXUS-13098] Improvement log and prevent startup when the started Nexus version is using a data directory from a newer Nexus version
  • [ NEXUS-12041] Bug WARN org.elasticsearch.env max file descriptors for elasticsearch process likely too low, consider increasing logged at start


  • [ NEXUS-13137] Improvement Purge unused components and assets task should support PyPi and Bower proxy repositories


  • [ NEXUS-12540] Bug Unable to Start Nexus-public
  • [ NEXUS-12397] Bug nexus-public base template binary fails to start due to DependencyResolver$UnresolvedDependencyException


  • [ NEXUS-12405] Bug Crowd realm is missing 'Clear Cache' option like the LDAP realm has


  • [ NEXUS-13431] Improvement upgrade OrientDB to version 2.2.21


  • [ NEXUS-12711] Bug Nexus docker registry delete REST api partially deletes an image
  • [ NEXUS-13385] Bug java.util.ConcurrentModificationException possible with Docker UploadManager during POST to blobs/uploads


  • [ NEXUS-13000] Bug clarify file name references in documentation for upgrading from 3.2 to 3.3


  • [ NEXUS-13071] Bug Unfiltered LDAP user search will retrieve all users from an LDAP server, which can result in an OOM


  • [ NEXUS-12908] Bug Connection issue to IQ server is only logged at DEBUG level
  • [ NEXUS-13141] Bug when merging maven-metadata.xml for a group request fails the repository ID containing the bad metadata is not logged
  • [ NEXUS-13096] Bug com.orientechnologies.common.profiler.OAbstractProfiler$MemoryChecker log spam every 2 minutes
  • [ NEXUS-13371] Bug BlobAttributes deletedReason is logged as reason: null instead of the actual reason

Maven Repository

  • [ NEXUS-12844] Improvement Upgrade Apache Tika dependency to 1.14


  • [ NEXUS-13085] Bug IllegalArgumentException Version mismatch may be logged when GA maven-metadata.xml versions are merged in a group repository request


  • [ NEXUS-13168] Bug NullPointerException on npm search when invalidating cache
  • [ NEXUS-11910] Bug npm search against group repository fails with HTTP 500 due to not properly supporting /-/all resource
  • [ NEXUS-12869] Bug npm publish a large package may cause java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space when parsing the JSON payload performance
  • [ NEXUS-12304] Bug `npm publish` on an already published package version does not update all changed package metadata
  • [ NEXUS-12716] Bug NullPointerException when running npm search


  • [ NEXUS-12064] Bug JPQLGenerator.toJpqlLiteral NullPointerException for NuGet /Packages() resource as submitted by OctopusDeploy

Proxy Repository

  • [ NEXUS-13378] Improvement Limit multiple outbound upstream requests for the same proxied asset performance


  • [ NEXUS-11215] Bug valid .woff files fail Strict Content Type Validation with 400 response

Repository Health Check

  • [ NEXUS-13087] Bug caching asset download counts under high unique request volume can lead to OutOfMemoryError and instability performance
  • [ NEXUS-13432] Bug asset download count feature contributes log noise and heap memory spike every 24 hrs when deleting old download counts performance
  • [ NEXUS-13026] Bug repository health check column displays 0 total and 0 bad even if repository has content

Repository Health Check,Security

  • [ NEXUS-12485] Bug add privilege that controls access to health check summary report


  • [ NEXUS-13178] Bug gem development dependencies are treated as runtime dependencies
  • [ NEXUS-12373] Bug parsing dates in some gemspec files could fail with IllegalArgumentException: Invalid format

Scheduled Tasks

  • [ NEXUS-12780] Bug task scheduler threads may deadlock at QuartzTaskJob.mayBlock() when more than 20 blocking tasks are encountered performance
  • [ NEXUS-13584] Improvement add task that can Restore Asset/Component metadata to component database from Blob Store contents
  • [ NEXUS-13092] Bug slow performance and metadata rebuild failures when running "Remove snapshots from Maven repository" against large datasets performance
  • [ NEXUS-13130] Bug Timed out reading query result from queue when running purge unused snapshots task performance


  • [ NEXUS-13163] Improvement Use bulk API for incremental Elasticsearch updates performance
  • [ NEXUS-13466] Bug SearchServiceImpl ERROR Elasticsearch index thread pool is overloaded message may appear in nexus.log performance


  • [ NEXUS-13136] Bug NullPointerException is thrown when user-agent header value is not present


  • [ NEXUS-10419] Bug nested webapp context path Nexus 3 breaks the UI

User Token

  • [ NEXUS-13127] Bug Anonymous access to repositories does not work when "Require user tokens for repository authentication" is set
  • [ NEXUS-13126] Bug When "Require user tokens for repository authentication" is set nexus does not send an authorization header


  • [ NEXUS-12855] Bug Only one capability of type 'Webhook: Repository' can be created
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