How to Remove a Repository's Components from the Dependency Confusion List


Note: This article is pertains to the Dependency Confusion Prevention feature introduced in Nexus Repo 3.30.0.

If you've enabled proprietary components by mistake for a hosted repository you can undo this via the following procedure.

First, you need to disable proprietary components in the repository. If this is not done, then the components will be re-added to the list, since there is an internal task that updates this list periodically.


Next, obtain the "node-id" of the Nexus Repo instance. This can be found in the administration web UI under "support --> system information":



You'll also need the repository's ID, e.g. "maven-releases"

Finally, execute a DELETE REST API call against Nexus IQ Server resource "

You need to issue a DELETE request to the REST resource at "/repositories/{repositoryManageNodeId}/{repositoryId}/proprietary/names". 


For example:

curl -u username:password -v -X DELETE http://localhost:8070/rest/integration/repositories/3EFF78A1-5F819609-7BC13C89-B90B90DF-DEF32AD1/maven-releases/proprietary/names

The above call will return an HTTP 204 response if it succeeds.


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