Configuring Nexus IQ Server HTTP proxy settings

If your network requires you to go through an HTTP  proxy server to access the internet you will need to configure this in your Nexus IQ Server.

To do this, edit "config.yml" and uncomment the proxy settings:


# Proxy settings.

  # The host running the proxy server to use.
  hostname: "http-proxy-host"

  # The port at which the proxy server listens on.
  port: 8080

  # The username used to access the proxy server.
  username: "usernamer"

  # The password used to access the proxy server.
  password: "your-password"

Be sure to uncomment the "proxy:" line as well as the other fields.

After this, you can start up the server with:

> java -jar nexus-iq-server-*.jar server config.yml


Tip: If you proxy server uses NTLM authentication supply your user name in the following format:

username: "DOMAIN\\username"


If you're running in a docker image the values in the config.yml file can be passed in as JVM parameters:

docker run -d -e JVM_OPTIONS= " -Ddw.proxy.port=port"
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