Finding the Nexus IQ Server report iframe url

The Application Composition Report (generated by the Nexus IQ Server) loads it's data inside an iframe element. You may be asked to provide the URL of this iframe to Sonatype Support to troubleshoot problems in your report data. These are instructions on how to find this URL.

Navigate to the application management section of the Nexus IQ Server. The URL will look similar to  http://localhost:8070/application-assets/index.html#/management .

Click the report icon 2013-09-04_1000_report_icon.pngin the "Build Report" column, next to the the appropriate application name.

Google Chrome

Once the report is loaded, right-click on the Policy button 2013-09-04_1002_policy.png, and select Inspect Element. This should open a window displaying the html of the page. Look for an iframe element that contains the element you just inspected. Copy the URL of that iframe and provide it to Sonatype Support.


Right-click on the Policy button 2013-09-04_1002_policy.png, select "This Frame" -> "View Frame Info". In the Frame Info panel that displays, select and copy the entire Address value and provide it to Sonatype Support

The iframe URL Address should hava a path with rest/report in it - if it does not it is the wrong URL.

See the attached Flash video file for guidance.

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