How do I install Nexus Repository 2 Professional?

Visit for documentation on Nexus Repository version 2.

The following instructions are for installing Nexus Repository 2 Professional as a stand-alone server. Nexus Repository 2 Professional is bundled with a Jetty instance which listens to all configured IP addresses on a host ( and runs on port 8081 by default.

Installing Nexus Repository 2 is straightforward, unpack the Nexus Repository 2 web application archive in a directory. If you are installing Nexus Repository 2 on a local workstation to give it a test run, you can install it in your home directory or wherever you like; Nexus doesn’t have any hard coded directories, it will run from any directory. If you downloaded the ZIP

$ unzip

And, if you download the GZip’d TAR archive, run:

$ tar xvzf nexus-professional-webapp-1.9.2-bundle.tgz

If you are installing Nexus Repository 2 on a server, you might want to use a directory other than your home directory. On a Unix machine, this article assumes that Nexus Repository 2 is installed in /usr/local/nexus-professional-webapp-1.9.2 with a symbolic link /usr/local/nexus to the nexus directory. Using a symbolic link nexus to a directory that holds a specific version of Nexus Repository 2 is a common practice that makes it easier to upgrade to a newer version of Nexus Repository 2.

$ sudo cp nexus-professional-webapp-1.9.2-bundle.tgz /usr/local
$ cd /usr/local
$ sudo tar xvzf nexus-professional-webapp-1.9.2-bundle.tgz
$ ln -s nexus-professional-webapp-1.9.2 nexus

Although it isn’t required for Nexus to run, you may want to set an environment variable NEXUS_HOME in your environment which points to the installation directory of Nexus. This chapter will refer to this location as$NEXUS_HOME. The Nexus installation directory nexus-professional-webapp-1.9.2 has a sibling directory named sonatype-work. This directory contains all of the repository and configuration data for Nexus Repository 2 and is stored outside of the Nexus Repository 2 installation directory to make it easier to upgrade to a newer version of Nexus Repository 2.

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    Nicolas Fortin

    How do I install Nexus Professional as a service running with a specific user. The tutorial is available with Nexus OSS but not with Nexus Pro.

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    Nicolas Fortin

    Ok, sorry, I used the trial version, which use another /bin/nexus shell code. I should use Customer Version. Please remove my comments.

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