How to Unpack the Nexus Distribution Bundles Non-Destructively

Unpacking the Nexus Distribution Bundles Non-Destructively

The Nexus bundle is designed to be unpacked from the command line such that it will not replace or overwrite any existing files in the directory it resides in, but will create any missing files.

  1. As the Nexus user, download or copy the bundle into the Nexus Installation Directory
  2. Extract the bundle using a command specific to your bundle format. Example using the Nexus Professional 2.7.1-01 distribution:

    tar xzf nexus-professional-2.7.1-01-bundle.tar.gz

  3. Extracting the bundle will populate a Nexus Application Directory and the parent of the Nexus Work Directory.


Refer to the book for more information about the Nexus directories.

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