Sonatype Nexus 2.11 Release Notes

Sonatype Nexus 2.11 Release Notes

These notes are a compilation of new features and significant bug fixes for Sonatype Nexus 2.11.

See the complete release notes for all resolved issues.

New and Noteworthy

Nexus OSS and Pro Distributions Now Include RubyGems Support

Native RubyGems support has been added for hosted, proxy and groups repositories. More information in the Sonatype Nexus Book (NEXUS-7754)

System Feeds Performance Improvement

We've fixed a bug that could have allowed the files under the timeline directory to grow very large and impact Nexus performance. See our article for more information on how you could be impacted and the steps to take. (NEXUS-7671)

Default Security Improved for HTTPS connections

Given the recent exploits discovered surrounding certain SSL protocols, Nexus now ships with defaults that prevent the accidental use of older SSL protocols. Further, the outbound protocols and ciphersuites used by Nexus are now configurable should you wish to lock this down further. ( NEXUS-7594, NEXUS-7659 ). We have an article covering the various options for configuring Nexus HTTPS protocols and cipher suites.

YUM Repository Format Improvements

YUM users are encouraged to upgrade to this release. Nexus has performance improvements of our YUM repository format support. The changes include:

  • createrepo version 0.9.9 and greater / mergerepo 0.1 and greater is now required
  • optional sqlite database files are no longer generated for YUM metadata
  • better reporting and validation of YUM configuration changes
  • critical bug fixes for YUM proxy repositories

Known Issues

There has been a regression in the "pom validation" staging rule: NEXUS-7779

The "pom validation" staging rule is used to make sure pom files meet the standards required to be published to Maven Central.  If you are using this rule you should avoid upgrading to 2.11.0.  We will be releasing a new 2.11.x version soon which fixes this problem.

General Improvements


  • [NEXUS-7563] Improvement h2 database locking mechanism changed to FS from SOCKET


  • [NEXUS-7625] Bug nexus pro trial installer dmg identity cannot be confirmed on OSX Yosemite


  • [NEXUS-6881] Bug comma in group membership attribute value breaks static LDAP group mapping
  • [NEXUS-5840] Bug DN values containing "," (comma) can result in improperly escaped LDAP filters


  • [NEXUS-7614] Bug npm install cmd can trigger nexus NPE and 500 status when remote returns non-standard fields and stub attachments
  • [NEXUS-7616] Bug requesting metadata for uncached npm package metadata sends two requests to the remote
  • [NEXUS-7609] Bug npm attribute storage corruption can lead to http 500 responses
  • [NEXUS-7486] Bug configuring staging profile to release to npm hosted repo should not be allowed
  • [NEXUS-6898] Bug npm hosted repository should maintain "time" field on deploys


  • [NEXUS-6762] Bug Deadlock while retrieving artifact from p2 repository
  • [NEXUS-7598] Bug P2 related requests waiting for locks never return from Browse Storage

Proxy Repository

  • [NEXUS-7628] Bug deleting empty paths under storage does not expire NFC for child paths


  • [NEXUS-7603] Bug file content validation fails for application/x-msdownload jar files
  • [NEXUS-6310] Technical Debt Upgrade to Tika 1.6
  • [NEXUS-7760Bug recursive trash directories such as ./nexus/trash/.nexus/trash can consume large amounts of disk


  • [NEXUS-7561] Bug Show "Browse Storage", "Browse Remote", "Mirrors", <dependencyManagement/> in "Summary" tab based on repository type


  • [NEXUS-7627] Bug Nexus BUG in "rubygems-proxy" ItemNotFoundException during cache
  • [NEXUS-7754] New Feature include official rubygems repositories support with Nexus bundles


  • [NEXUS-7652] Bug SSL certificates added using load from server option only use direct socket connection


  • [NEXUS-7595] Improvement disable insecure SSL protocols by default in jetty HTTPS sample configuration

Support Tools

  • [NEXUS-6900] Bug Nexus OSS support bundle does not include ldap.xml file

System Feeds

  • [NEXUS-7671] Bug Purge Nexus Timeline task calculates wrong purge "window" days performance


  • [NEXUS-7575] Bug User-Agent header not sent for CONNECT to httpS remotes
  • [NEXUS-7594] Improvement allow configuring https.protocols and https.cipherSuites on Nexus outbound HTTP client connections
  • [NEXUS-7659] Improvement disable SSLv3 for outbound requests by default

User Token

  • [NEXUS-6887] Bug If all user tokens are cleared this should be logged at INFO


  • [NEXUS-6680] Improvement Add "full rebuild" option to generate yum scheduled task
  • [NEXUS-6899] Bug The yum versions REST resource is only updated at startup
  • [NEXUS-6790] Task Child group repository with only one yum enabled member breaks yum metadata merge
  • [NEXUS-6801] Improvement prevent createrepo/mergerepo from creating sqlite rpm metadata performance
  • [NEXUS-6251] Improvement If yum metadata generation fails the output of the createrepo/mergerepo command should always be logged
  • [NEXUS-6702] Bug Yum metadata for proxy repositories should refer to the URL of the source Nexus instance
  • [NEXUS-7596] Improvement programatically enforce minimum requirements for yum configuration including debug messages
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