Why don't artifacts with custom Maven packaging types show up in Nexus search results?

This article applies to Nexus 2.4 and greater. See NEXUS-5525

Maven packaging types are provided by Maven plugins - these map the packaging type to extension.

Out of the box Nexus knows about commonly used packaging types, but it has no way to map unknown types.  Consequentially these will not show up in search results.

To make Nexus aware of these, add a line like this to "${nexus-work}/conf/packaging2extension-mapping.properties":


Note: You will need to create this file if it doesn't already exist.  After doing this run a "repair index" task against the repositories that contain the custom packaging.

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    Tamás Cservenák

    Rich, it should be "After doing this run a "repair index" task.". Repair, and not Update.... as update will not overwrite existing (but wrong, due to not existing properties file) entries in index...

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    Rich Seddon

    Thanks for pointing that out, I've  fixed it.

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    Peter Lynch

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