Browse storage doesn't work for users with restricted read access (Nexus Repository 2)

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You've restricted read access to a repository by using a repository target with a regular expression that matches a group ID, such as "/com/mycompany/team-a/.*".  This works, but now users with this privilege can't use the "Browse Storage" tab in the UI.


This is happening because the folders "/", "/com/", etc. do not match your regular expressions.

To fix this you also need to grant read access to the paths in the tree, so use a regular expression like this one:


Alternatively, you can grant access to all directory listings regardless of where they are in the hierarchy:


This will grant access to all directory listings, but will not grant any access to artifacts within a directory.

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    Bill Buie (suspended)

    A funny thing-- I was sure this missed the root cause of my problem, and I carefully constructed a test case to prove it.  And then in the process I discovered that my regular expression had left out the leading slash (/)!

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    Peter Lynch

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