How do I find the Nexus Repository instance id used by Repository Health Check or Nexus IQ Server reports?

When Nexus Repository 2 is integrated with Nexus Lifecycle features, a unique id is used to identify your Nexus Repository 2 instance.

You may be asked for this Nexus Repository ID from Sonatype Support staff in case you are experiencing problems with Lifecycle Integrations.

Nexus Repository 2

Refer to the screenshots to find out where this ID value is visible in the Nexus Pro user interface (note: In some versions this plugin is called the "Nexus Health Check (Pro) Plugin" or "Nexus IQ Plugin"):



Nexus Repository 2 OSS

Nexus OSS requires a more involved process to find the ID.

1) Edit sonatype-work/nexus/conf/logback-nexus.xml and add the following line after the other loggers:

<logger name="" level="DEBUG" /> 

2) After the change takes effect ( 60 seconds ), and an analysis is performed on a repository, look for lines like the following:

2013-07-05 09:48:03 DEBUG [pxpool-1-thread-1] admin - Calling into server ( with PUT

The 2425fdaabcb641068bd0f69466712345 is the Nexus ID in this case.



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