How to avoid Could not download page bundle messages


The Nexus Outreach feature provides your Nexus Welcome page with important messages direct from Sonatype. The Outreach feature is enabled by default. Periodically Nexus will request a 'page bundle' of messages from Sonatype servers. The exact URLs that Nexus uses to get the messages may change periodically.

If there is a problem downloading these messages in the background, you may notice a nexus.log message similar to the following:

admin - Could not download page bundle

Allowing Outreach Requests Through A Firewall

As of Feb 24, 2015 the following outbound requests are made from Nexus:

  1. 302 redirect
  2. 302 redirect

In order for these requests to succeed, make sure your HTTP proxy server or firewall administrators allow access to these hosts from your Nexus instance.

Disabling Outreach

You may opt to avoid receiving messages on your Nexus welcome page entirely or you know that your Nexus instance does not have access to the required remote hosts.

To disable outbound Outreach requests:

  1. Open Administration -> Capabilities. Select the Outreach Management capability.
  2. Uncheck the Enable checkbox. Click Save.
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