How to disable the System Feeds (nexus-timeline-plugin) feature to improve Nexus performance

The following applies to Nexus 2.x and earlier.

If your organization does not rely upon the Nexus System Feeds feature, then disabling the nexus-timeline-plugin is an option to improve the throughput and performance of your Nexus instance. This is especially relevant for instances with limited JVM heap or that are under extremely high load from authenticated requests (NEXUS-6317).

  1. Stop Nexus
  2. Locate the timeline plugin files at {NEXUS_HOME}/nexus/WEB-INF/plugin-repository/nexus-timeline-plugin-{NEXUS_VERSION}. Move this entire directory, a good location might be {NEXUS_HOME}/nexus/WEB-INF/optional-plugins
  3. Optional:To free some additional disk space, and remove all traces of historical feed information, delete the {NEXUS_WORK}/timeline directory.
  4. Start Nexus
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