How does the Analyze button generate a Repository Health Check report?

Visit for documentation on Nexus Repository version 2.

When you first click the Analyze button, the button starts the scheduled task for that repository. The task scans your repository and then sends artifact hashes to our hosted services. The report is generated for you on our server once every 24 hours, there isn't a way to increase the frequency of this.

The Nexus Repository 2 scheduled task checks the server at Sonatype for new reports at it's scheduled run frequency. It's set to run hourly by default because we may increase the frequency of the report generation on the server in the future, and if we do so we would like existing users to benefit from this.

Keep in mind the following health check report limitations:

  • it is only relevant for open-source artifacts since these are the artifacts we can reliably gather public information about
  • only proxy repositories can be scanned
  • As of Sep. 29, 2015 a minimum of at least one component must be locally cached in the repository to generate an RHC report. Prior to this, the minimum requirement was 100 cached components.


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