How to disable Sonatype Nexus Repository Health Check (RHC)

Visit for documentation on Nexus Repository version 2.

Nexus Repository distributions come with a Repository Health Check (RHC) feature. This feature can provide you valuable license and security information about the Open Source Components stored in your Nexus repositories.

In some air-gapped or fire-walled environments, NXRM may not have access to the Sonatype Services which provide the component data. The remote hosts that are required for RHC are:

Nexus OSS:

Nexus Pro:

In the case where you wish to disable outbound requests to these hosts, you can follow these instructions to turn the Repository Health Check feature off.

Nexus Repository 3

Refer to our considerations for air-gapped networks article for instructions for disabling RHC.

Nexus Repository 2 - Versions 2.8+

Disable Health Check Per Repository

Open Views/Repositories -> Repositories

Look for icons ( 2014-04-11_1517.png ) in the Health Check column - these are the repositories that have Health Check scanning enabled.

Select a repository with Health Check enabled.

While one repository is selected, In the south information panel, select the Health Check tab. Change Enabled to false and click the Save button.

Repeat this procedure for each repository that has scanning enabled.

Disable Health Check: Configuration Capability

If enabled, this capability automatically enables Health Check scanning on any newly created repositories. This resulting scanning requires access to Sonatype Services. To prevent this:

Open Administration -> Capabilities

Look for a Health Check: Configuration capability and if it is present,  select it. It can be present if it was explicitly added by an Administrator or ( in 2.9+ ) added automatically by Nexus.

In the south information panel, select the Settings tab, uncheck Enabled and Save your changes.



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