How do I extend Nexus or write a plugin?

We have a set of example plugins that you can use as a guide. Make sure you are using the appropriate branch for the version of Nexus you are developing against. The source code of all our distributed OSS plugins are available in the nexus-public git repo ( older branches of code found in nexus-oss git repo ).

We have special instructions for customers wanting to write a Staging Suite plugin or staging rule.

If you plan to develop a plugin using Nexus Professional features, make sure you have configured access to our Nexus Private Development repository.

Of course, you'll also want to test your plugin - check out our nexus testsuite guide.

Our book also has a Plugin Development chapter.

If you get stuck, ask your question on the Nexus Developers list (subscribe) to get the attention of our development team. Alternately, maybe your question was already answered - browse the archive.

Developers with Nexus Professional support can expect prompt help from our Support Staff via official support channels.


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    Gordon Pettey

    That linked "chapter" on plugin development leaves out pretty much everything expected from a development guide...

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    Peter Lynch

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