Nexus 3.0 Technology Preview (Milestone 3 Release)

This is not the latest version.
Please download and use the latest version of Nexus Repository Manager 3.

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We’re still hard at work on Nexus 3, but thought we would pause and give you a glimpse of the current state of development. As with previous milestones, Milestone 3 builds on existing functionality, adding significant improvements to the visual design and overall experience. The emphasis has been on usability and visual polish, setting the foundation for future UI improvements.

Once you’ve read through our disclaimers, feel free to download and install the release. An overview of what’s new is below, for the curious.

Most importantly, please let us know what you think of the release. Are you experiencing any problems? Are there aspects of the release that you love or hate?

Let us know. Drop us an email at

A word of CAUTION! before you begin

Some important things to keep in mind:

  1. You should be experienced installing and administering Nexus already. If not, we recommend starting with the latest version of Nexus 2.xx.

  2. It probably goes without saying, but do NOT upgrade a production server with any milestone builds.

  3. Upgrades between milestone builds may NOT be fully supported.

  4. Fully updated documentation is not currently available, however we will be providing some items to help you get started. (See below)

  5. Have fun, tell us what you like, what you don’t, and if you are so inclined, try to break things.

Is there documentation?

We do not currently have full documentation for Nexus 3. However, a new edition of the Nexus book is currently being written. HTML and PDF versions are available at:

What’s New?


If this is your first time trying a Nexus 3 milestone release, check out our notes for Milestone 1. This will give you a good background for many of the changes you can expect, especially those related to the user interface.

As mentioned, this release is mostly about improvements to the user interface. None of these changes are necessarily final, but they reflect the general direction we’re taking the UI. As always, we want your feedback at

Detail panels have more breathing room

Previously, detail panels cut the available space in half. For busy features, this resulted in a cramped experience. To fix this, we implemented what we call "Drilldown", a pattern which uses sliding full-page panels accompanied by a breadcrumb for navigation.

Search results can be bookmarked

In MS2, there was no way to search for a component, view details for a specific version, and copy/paste a URL for that. This has been fixed in MS3.

nexus pro 3 milestone 3 search bookmark

Fewer modals, more full-page screens

Where it made sense, we opted to use the drilldown pattern instead of modals. One prominent example is that all create modals are now drilldowns, which gives the associated lists and forms more space on the page.

nexus 3 pro milestone 3 create drilldown

Numerous style tweaks

Too many small improvements to list, but some highlights:

  • Page organized with typography, not background color.

  • Header mode buttons are full height and have higher contrast.

  • Colors normalized to a well-defined palette

  • Main font changed to Proxima Nova

  • Login modal simplified

  • Tabs replaced with pills

  • Inline frames replaced with borderless containers and large titles

  • Help text across the experience was simplified

  • Focus states made visible for accessibility purposes

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