Nexus 3.0 Technology Preview (Milestone 1 Release)

This is not the latest version.
Please download and use the latest version of Nexus Repository Manager 3.

nexus 3 milestone logo

This initial milestone build (M1) is a technical preview of things to come, and is part of a series of releases leading up to the final GA version of Nexus 3.0. The focus of M1 is the new user interface, though there are numerous refinements to the internals of Nexus not readily apparent in the new look and feel. Additionally, M1 is only being made available for Nexus OSS (M2, coming shortly, will cover Nexus Pro).

This milestone is being made available for anyone interested. We welcome feedback from the user community - See corresponding details below.

A word of CAUTION! before you begin

Some important things to keep in mind:

  1. You should be experienced installing and administering Nexus already. If not, we recommend starting with the latest version of Nexus 2.xx.

  2. It probably goes without saying, but do NOT upgrade a production server with any milestone builds.

  3. Upgrades between milestone builds may NOT be fully supported

  4. Fully updated documentation is not currently available, however we will be providing some items to help you get started. (See below)

  5. Have fun, tell us what you like, what you don’t, and if you are so inclined, try to break things.

What if I experience problems, or want to offer feedback?

Great, we’d love to hear from you. Please send all correspondence here:

Is there documentation?

Besides the initial help below we are constantly building up the documentation in a new edition of the Nexus book. HTML and PDF versions are available at

So, what’s New?

First and foremost, Milestone 2 features support for Nexus Pro, as well as everything included in Milestone 1.

If you just joined us, Milestone 1 was the first release, and focused on changes which were mainly visual. Also, As we mentioned earlier, a number of improvements have been made under the hood. We won’t go deep into the latter, since you won’t see most of that.

However, a good place to start is by taking a look at the new console. After that, we’ll move on to that very new look and feel, which you are likely to agree, is quite apparent. C’mon, let’s take a look at this new technology.

JSW (Java Service Wrapper) is no longer part of the distribution.

A brand new console / shell

There is a new console, which is OSGI based on the Apache Karaf platform. For testing we recommend starting Nexus in a terminal using

<install>/bin/nexus console

This will provide a view of the bootstrap logging (incase anything strange is going on). To exit the console use CTRL-D or ‘shutdown’ command.

The boot logs are located in <install>/data/log/karaf.log. See <install>/bin/setenv script to configure JAVA_HOME or other JVM options.

The navigation has changed, and there are three new buttons…​

nexus 3 milestone top nav expando

nexus-3-milestone-browse-icon Just browsing::

This button opens a panel on the left side of the screen. There you can search for components, review feeds, access repositories, and upload Maven components.

nexus-3-milestone-admin-icon Admin on deck

Click this, and you’ll see the administration functions are now in their own area. Just click this icon and you can manage everything from Repositories to Plugins. You may notice, we’ve added icons to make the administration area easier to navigate as well.

nexus-3-milestone-user-settings-icon Who am I?

Clicking this button lets you manage account settings, like changing your password.

OK, technically there are seven…​

nexus-3-milestone-nexus-messages-icon Danger Will Robinson!

Nexus messages are a key piece of new functionality for Nexus, and in just a bit we’ll show a quick video of just how they work. Click here to see what Nexus has been saying.

nexus-3-milestone-global-refresh-icon Suffering from stale data?

A “global refresh” replaces the seemingly random (and frequent!) placement previously. Now you can refresh the entire UI in a single click.

nexus-3-milestone-login-icon Coming and going?

Click here to sign in, or out.

nexus-3-milestone-help-icon Need help?

This icon is the place to start.

Navigating the Administration area has changed…​

nexus 3 milestone admin area

The Administration section has seen some notable refinements. We’ve abandoned things like the monolithic server configuration page. These options now have their own place within the appropriate administration category (see highlighted areas to the right).

… and there are a lot of new icons here as well.

nexus 3 milestone admin area 2

When clicking on the various sections in the left navigation, the items in a particular category will display on the right (e.g. Security as shown) as well. Clicking on an icon will open that area.

Check out messages…​

nexus 3 milestone messages

Messages provide a way to let you know that an action that has been taken was acknowledged by Nexus. For example, in the case of server-side validation if the content is not valid, it will report that back an appropriate error. When a message is delivered, it will be displayed for a few seconds before fading out. But, you have full control to clear and delete them as well. Just click the bell icon.

Plus, there is a whole lot more coming…​

We’ll let you know when M2 is ready. However, just so you are getting excited about it, here are some things you can expect.

  • Updated UI for Nexus Pro

  • Updated Documentation

  • Bug fixes

nexus 3 milestone coming soon
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  • 0
    Mike Haller

    Hey Jeff,

    thanks for the info. May I ask why you did changae your architecture to Apache Karaf/OSGi?



  • 0
    Peter Lynch

    Hi Mike,

    Thanks for your question.

    In Nexus 3 we needed a more flexible architecture for dynamically controlling plugins without requiring Nexus downtime - a limitation of the Nexus 2.x architecture. An OSGI container such as Karaf comes with many features built in we can leverage. We have many exciting things planned and can spend more time focusing on our core features instead re-inventing and maintaining boring container features. :)

    Please send all future correspondence about Nexus 3 here:


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