Nexus 3.0 Technology Preview (Milestone 1 Release)

Note: This information is now maintained on the Sonatype Help site. Please review notes for Milestone 1 and additional milestone releases at their new location.


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    Mike Haller

    Hey Jeff,

    thanks for the info. May I ask why you did changae your architecture to Apache Karaf/OSGi?



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    Peter Lynch

    Hi Mike,

    Thanks for your question.

    In Nexus 3 we needed a more flexible architecture for dynamically controlling plugins without requiring Nexus downtime - a limitation of the Nexus 2.x architecture. An OSGI container such as Karaf comes with many features built in we can leverage. We have many exciting things planned and can spend more time focusing on our core features instead re-inventing and maintaining boring container features. :)

    Please send all future correspondence about Nexus 3 here:


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