Nexus 3.0 Technology Preview (Milestone 2 Release)

This is not the latest version.
Please download and use the latest version of Nexus Repository Manager 3.

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The Nexus Team is proud to announce our latest milestone release, Milestone 2, which now includes all the features of Nexus Pro, and all of the updates we made in Nexus 3 Milestone 1.

Thus far, the focus has been the new user interface (and still is). However, there are numerous refinements to the internals of Nexus not readily apparent in the new look and feel.

If you have already tried out the Milestone 1 build, there won’t be a lot of changes here. That is, beyond the Nexus Pro features.

Because of this, we’re going to go over very similar content covered in the Milestone 1 announcement. If you would simply like to skip ahead and download the latest Milestone release, go right ahead, we won’t blame you.

But…​ be sure to check out our word of CAUTION below, as well as some of the other tips for successfully trying this sample of features for the upcoming version of Nexus 3.

As always, thank you, and let us know what you think.

A word of CAUTION! before you begin

Some important things to keep in mind:

  1. You should be experienced installing and administering Nexus already. If not, we recommend starting with the latest version of Nexus 2.xx.

  2. It probably goes without saying, but do NOT upgrade a production server with any milestone builds.

  3. Upgrades between milestone builds may NOT be fully supported.

  4. Fully updated documentation is not currently available, however we will be providing some items to help you get started. (See below)

  5. Have fun, tell us what you like, what you don’t, and if you are so inclined, try to break things.

What if I experience problems, or want to offer feedback?

Great, we’d love to hear from you. Please send all correspondence here:

Is there documentation?

Besides the initial help below we are constantly building up the documentation in a new edition of the Nexus book. HTML and PDF versions are available at

What’s New?

As we mentioned, if this is your first time trying a Nexus 3 milestone release, you should check out our notes for Milestone 1. That provides a good background for many of the changes you can expect, especially those related to the user interface.

This release builds upon that functionality by offering the expanded features of Nexus Pro. That means a few things might not be exactly where you expect them…​ which is a good thing.

That’s enough talking about it though. We know why you came, a list of new features in Nexus 3 Milestone 2. Keep reading to find out more.

New Default URL

The default URL for Nexus is http://localhost:8081. Previously this had the context of /nexus. However, this has been removed.

Admin Area Changes

One of the core updates to the new user interface is the separation of administration and browsing functionality. Because of this, a few things were moved, and given their own first-class representation in the Administration area.


nexus pro 3 milestone 2 clm config

Product Licensing

nexus pro 3 milestone 2 license config

Staging Admin

nexus pro 3 milestone 2 staging config

Staging Browse

nexus pro 3 milestone 2 staging browse

PGP Configuration

nexus pro 3 milestone 2 pgp config

Enable User Token

nexus pro 3 milestone 2 user token config

View User Token

nexus pro 3 milestone 2 user token access
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