How can I free up space used by the Sonatype CLM Server (1.7 or earlier)?

Empty Scan Contents (CLM 1.7 and earlier)

Note:  This option only applies to CLM 1.7 and earlier. If policy monitoring is enabled (feature in CLM 1.8 and later), deleting old scan files will cause CLM to report errors about files not being found and policy monitoring will not work correctly.

To empty the contents of the Sonatype CLM scan directory access navigate to sonatype-work/clm-server/scan. You will notice that there are additional subdirectories.  These subdirectories correspond to each individual application you have created scans for, and are designated by an internal application id. This id will not match the name or application ID chosen in the CLM Server. You can open each of these directories, deleting all the files in each directory, as this is simply a storage of all scan files uploaded to our hosted services.



Note: The Sonatype-Work directory is located in the same directory as your Sonatype CLM Server.

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