Nexus Repository Manager 3.0 (Milestone 7 Release)

This is not the latest version.
Please download and use the latest version of Nexus Repository Manager 3.

Jan 2016: We have all been working hard towards this release and this is it! From now on, you can upgrade your Nexus Repository Manager 3 deployment! This means that you can start using the shiny new Milestone 7 release in production. It is ready to roll out and includes features that go beyond what version 2 has to offer Docker and npm users. 

Of course we still have a long list of new features in the pipeline for you with the next releases as well. For now though, this release provides:

  • Improved support for users of Maven repositories and tools like sbt and Apache Ivy.
  • Repository health check with expanded coverage including NuGet and npm repositories.
  • Support for upgrading from this version going forward.
  • A number of other things as well.

Curious and can’t wait? Download a bundle and do a fresh install of the release right now. And if you want to be a little more cautious, read about what’s new and what to to be careful about.

Regardless of the path you choose, we hope you will take this opportunity to discuss your experience with this latest release. Drop us an email at or contact us via the mailing list or chat.

Have fun!

The Nexus Repository Manager Team

Before you begin

Some important things to keep in mind:

  1. Upgrades from previous Milestones are NOT supported. Perform a fresh install instead.
  2. This Milestone WILL BE upgrade-able to the future 3.0 release, so go ahead and get real with this one.
  3. Experience with installing and running the Nexus Repository Manager 2 and repository concepts can be helpful, but is not required.
  4. We consider the Docker, NPM (v2) and NuGet implementations to be stable and ready for production use to complement Nexus v2 which still has more Maven specific functionality. Though this code is considered stable, it is still an early version.  We recommend vigilance in following the guidelines regarding backup and restore such that there is a recover path in the event that it is needed.
  5. Installation and configuration processes have changed from the milestone 6 release, refer to the documentation for details

Is there documentation?

The significant new features of this milestone release are:

  • Improvements to our Maven 2 format support
  • Repository Health Check for Maven, npm, NuGet proxy repos
  • Upgrade-ready, Blobstores, and SSL

Maven Repository Improvements

We’ve added quite a few items for Maven repositories in this release including:

  • A few more Scheduled Tasks to help you keep the Nexus Repository Manager up and humming
  • Relaxing the repository format such that you can publish from SBT, Ivy or other build tools/formats that don’t match Maven verbatim
  • Support for Maven archetype catalog
  • Support for generating and downloading Maven .index files

If you are a Maven repository user, give us your feedback.

Expanding the Repository Health Check

You can now run Repository Health Check against your Maven, npm and NuGet proxy repositories in this release and beyond. While this is functionality that existed in version 2, we are interested in your experience running it against proxy repositories in version 3.  

Did you know that we run Repository Health Checks on over 50,000 repositories each day.  Why not give it a try?

Blobstores and More

Some other cool things we added to this release:

  • Upgrades will now be supported from this Milestone to future versions of Nexus Repository Manager 3.
  • Ability to specify SSL and TLS options for email configuration
  • Improvements to store Blobstore paths as relative instead of absolute
  • Large performance improvements to our Blobstore
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    Dama Reffett

    I've installed nexus 3.0 to review for our team to use.  I don't see the ability to upload components from the UI to a repository.  was this removed? 

  • 0
    Manfred Moser

    Yes, this feature has been removed in one of the previous milestone releases. It will be added back in a future release.

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