Setting Advanced LDAP Connection Properties in Nexus Repository Manager

Nexus Repository Manager 2.13 and newer allow setting advanced LDAP connection settings using properties. Use this advanced option when a specific setting is not exposed in the user interface.

The properties that can be set are implementation specific and apply to every LDAP Server connection configured. Consult the provider documentation to determine the available properties and their meaning.

Generic JNDI Properties

LDAP Specific Properties

Setting Advanced LDAP Context Properties

  1. Nexus Repository Manager 2.x+: Edit {NEXUS_HOME}/conf/
    Nexus Repository Manager 3.x+: Edit {NEXUS_HOME}/etc/
  2. For each LDAP JNDI context environment property you would like to customize, add a new line in the following format:
  3. Restart Nexus.

Example: Changing the ldap.naming.referral environment property

Suppose you would like to change the value of java.naming.referral from the default of follow to ignore.

  1. Nexus Repository Manager 2.x+: Edit {NEXUS_HOME}/conf/
    Nexus Repository Manager 3.x+: Edit {NEXUS_HOME}/etc/
  2. On a new line, add the following:
  3. Restart Nexus


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    Rich Seddon

    You can specify the service name as an argument after /install:


    c:\nexusdir>nexus.exe /install nexus-service

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    Peter Lynch

    We are closing this article for comments.

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    If you do not have a support license, please use our Nexus Users List or our other free support resources.

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    wognin a

    How can I change the Windows NT service name while installing Nexus OSS 3.0.0-b2016011501 by running the following command :

    c:\nexusdir>nexus.exe /install

    Thankins a lot.


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