Nexus Repository Manager 3.0.0-03 Docker Rollup Patch

After the release of version 3.0.0-03, we have identified a few Docker specific issues that we are offering a patch to address. Newer releases are planned to contain these fixes.

Docker Rollup Patch 2 - Published June 13, 2016

This patch includes all fixes from Rollup Patch 1, plus

Patch 2 jar has sha1 of a57f10865ab610b01da7bdfa20abc30b19e22b78 .

To apply the patch:

  1. Stop Nexus
  2. Move the jar located at ./system/com/sonatype/nexus/plugins/nexus-repository-docker/3.0.0-03/nexus-repository-docker-3.0.0-03.jar to another location outside the installation directory.
  3. Download and name the attached nexus-repository-docker-3.0.0-03-patch2.jar to the following location:
  4. Create a file named clean_cache in the Nexus data directory that the Nexus process user has permissions to read - this can be done in a terminal window using:
    echo "" > clean_cache
  5. Start Nexus. Make sure that after startup, the clean_cache file you created was removed - this would indicate the patch was applied successfully.

Docker Rollup Patch 1 - Published May 4, 2016

This patch addresses these issues:

Patch 1 jar has sha1 942e3e33207383010d7d667f91f6fabab469c4a3 .

Install the patch 2 jar to include patch 1 fixes.

Further Concerns?

If any problems persist after applying this patch, configure these logger/levels inside Nexus: TRACE TRACE
org.eclipse.jetty.server.Server DEBUG

Then submit a support ticket and a support bundle attachment to Sonatype Support.



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