Nexus Repository Manager Feature Compatibility Matrix


Whether you're looking to upgrade, curious about a specific format, or just simply want a bird's-eye view of features supported by all available versions of Nexus Repository Manager take a gander at this comprehensive list below. If you are an existing user of Nexus Repository Manager 2.x and are looking to understand the equivalent feature in 3.x, check out our Feature Equivalency article.

 Feature  2.x OSS  2.x Pro  3.3 OSS 3.3 Pro
Bower     X X
Docker     X  X 
Git Large File Storage (LFS)     X X
Maven X X X X
npm  limited  limited X X
NuGet  X  X X X
OBR   X  See Below  See Below
P2   X  See Below  See Below
PyPI     X  X 
RubyGems  X X X
YUM X X  See Below  See Below
Smart Proxy   X  See Below  See Below
Upgrading 2x to 3x      X  X

Unlimited Deployment

X X X  X 
Component Search limited X X X
Upload Third Party Artifacts via UI limited  limited  See Below  See Below
Custom Metadata   X  See Below  See Below
Improved Backup & Restore     X X
Provisioning API     X  X
REST X X  See Below  See Below
Plugins X X  See Below  See Below
Open Source Integration X X X  X
Auth Token Support   X X  X
Custom Access Controls X X X   X 
Repo Targets / Content Selectors X X X  X
Enterprise LDAP X X X  X
Crowd   X    X
Staging & Build Promotion   X    See Below
Community Support X X X  X
Enterprise Support   X    X

If you have questions about a specific feature, contact


We aim to provide support for every format available. However, we also have to prioritize according to the needs of our customers. If you want to see OBR supported, check out the Nexus Repository Manager JIRA project and add a comment with your support.


Like OBR, we plan to support P2, and really any format. However, because we prioritize based on feedback from our users, this one’s a little further down the list. If you want to see P2 supported, check out the Nexus Repository Manager Public JIRA project and add a comment with your support.


The good news is that YUM is on our roadmap. However, it’s also not at the top of our priority list. We listen to users just like you, though, so if YUM support is the only thing standing between you and greatness, let us know by commenting on the JIRA ticket requesting support.

Smart Proxy

In an upcoming version of Nexus Repository Manager Pro we’ll be introducing Component Fabric, a distributed replication approach that provides simplified configuration and management of distributed repository managers, all while automatically replicating relevant data. A series of Component Fabric feature releases will be arrive throughout 2017. Until then feel free to download the whitepaper to learn more.

Upload Third Party Artifacts via UI

Previous support for upload of third party artifacts via the Nexus Repository Manager 2.x UI was limited. We’re looking to expand that, making sure there is both a user interface upload and a defined REST endpoint for uploading artifacts. At this time we don’t have a specific date, but this one is near the top and will be included in our planning to work on in 2017. Let us know what you would like to see by commenting on the public story for this feature.

Custom Metadata

Currently, this feature is a bit further down the list. If this is something your team needs, let us know by commenting on the story via the public, Nexus Repository Manager JIRA project.


The rumors of a REST-less Nexus Repository Manager aren’t completely accurate. In fact, our new Provisioning API powered by Groovy scripts provide a better mechanism for achieving the most common use case for REST -- automated provisioning of a system and/or onboarding new projects.  However, we are planning to deliver REST endpoints in 2017, beginning with the most frequently requested use cases. Let us know what you are looking for via our public JIRA project.


We love your plugins, and the Nexus Repository user community has already started to develop some. In fact, there’s already an open source implementation of the apt format. If you’ve created a Nexus Repository Manager plugin, reach out to our Community Advocate, and we’ll help you through the process of getting it out to other Nexus Repository users. View the entire list of plugins at Nexus Exchange.

Staging & Build Promotion

We totally understand how much you loved the staging and promotion features in Nexus Repository Manager 2, and for a number of our users, we know it’s the stopping point for moving completely off of Nexus Repository Manager 2 to 3. However, like all Nexus Repository Manager 3 features, we don’t simply want to port the functionality from the previous version. In fact, this time we are taking a completely different approach. Because the deployment and delivery landscape has changed since we developed staging and promotion, we want to make sure it supports a modern supply chain with a full range of completely flexible and performant features. Until then, why not reach out and let us know what you’d like to see, maybe tell us what types of tools you’d like to see it integrated with.

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