Nexus 3 Server Metrics and Health Information

Nexus 3 has metrics information available in the administration support UI.


Additionally, Nexus 3.0.1 exposes the following REST endpoints for monitoring: 

  • {host:port}/service/metrics/healthcheck
  • {host:port}/service/metrics/data
  • {host:port}/service/metrics/ping
  • {host:port}/service/metrics/threads

These require authentication, and the user must either be an administrator, or have the "nx-metrics-all" privilege.

curl -u admin:admin123 http://localhost:8081/service/metrics/ping

curl -u admin:admin123 http://localhost:8081/service/metrics/healthcheck

Also note that in version 3.16.0 new health check endpoints were added, which can be used to determine if Nexus Repo is able to service read and write requests respectively:

Readable Health Check http://<hostname>:<port>/service/rest/v1/status
Writable Health Check  http://<hostname>:<port>/service/rest/v1/status/writable

 For both status endpoints, Success is represented as HTTP 200 OK. Failure is represented as HTTP 503 SERVICE UNAVAILABLE. The nexus.log file for the node should be inspected for further details.



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