Clearing Policy Violations - Waving vs. Claiming

Q. If you receive a policy violation on a component and you've determined you want to clear it from the report, is it better to waive the violation, or claim the component?
A. If the component match is exact or similar you should waive the violation. 
Claiming is intended to be used in cases where a component isn't in our data and you know the component is your own. If you claim a component you won't get any further information on it from our data, because you are saying you know what it is, and you are the source of information for that component.
If the component match is "unkown" and you've determined that you have the best source of information for it then you should claim it. Once you've claimed a component you own it, and you're responsible for maintaining the information on it.
Both waivers and claims apply only to the exact policy and component (as matched by checksum) where they are applied.  
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