Configuration and Data Directory Changes for Nexus Repository Manager 3.1.0


With the release of Nexus Repository 3.1, the repository manager consists of a new default file structure simplifying the work needed to upgrade or manually backup components and configurations.

Keeping the default location of the data directory outside of the installation directory will prevent two common errors:

  • Unpacking new installations directly on top of existing installations.
  • Accidentally deleting or damaging work directories when attempting to move them out of old installations.

To see which files you need to overwrite during an upgrade from 3.0.2 to 3.1.0 review these special instructions.

Here’s a reference comparing the configuration files in 3.0 versus 3.1. 

Application Directory

 Version  File  Notes


The location or configuration files prior to 3.1.0 
 3.1.x $nexus-3.1.x/etc/fabric This contains Fabric-related configuration files
  $nexus-3.1.x/etc/jetty This contains Jetty-related configuration files
  $nexus-3.1.x/etc/karaf This contains Karaf-related configuration files
  $nexus-3.1.x/etc/logback This contains Logback-related configuration files

Data Directory

Version Directory Notes


The location of configuration files prior to the 3.1.0 release.



The location of configuration files. This path presents data as a separate sonatype-work directory.

Customized repository manager properties

Version Directory Notes


Location of main ports used for HTTP(S) access, configuration storage as well as the context path and host


The file is identical to

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