Nexus Repository Manager 2.14.2 Release Notes

Nexus Repository Manager 2.14.2 Release Notes

These notes are a compilation of new features and significant bug fixes for Nexus Repository Manager 2.14.2.

See the complete release notes for all resolved issues.

New and Noteworthy

Nexus 3 Upgrade Improvements

Nexus 2.14.2 is forward upgrade compatible with the forthcoming 3.2.0 release. Upgrading 2.14.2 into Nexus 3.1.0 will be blocked - releases going forward will include a compatibility check as a reminder.

Nexus 3 adoption is growing rapidly and we identified a few edge case problems with the upgrade process. We've worked hard to get some more fixes out there for you in this release.

General Improvements


  • [NEXUS-11732] Bug Prevent ClassCastException when handling StorageLinkItem during upgrade to Nexus 3
  • [NEXUS-11921] Improvement Explicitly prevent quarantine enabled Nexus 2 repositories from upgrade into Nexus 3
  • [NEXUS-11301] Bug Upgrade to Nexus 3 fails if Nexus 2 has no anonymous user defined
  • [NEXUS-11923] Improvement perform version compatibility check when upgrading from Nexus 2.x to Nexus 3.x
  • [NEXUS-11925] Bug Nexus 2 to Nexus 3 upgrade may fail with NullPointerException Cannot invoke method extract while processing RepositoryChangelogResource
  • [NEXUS-11874] Bug npm packages cannot be migrated due to IllegalStateException PackageVersion expected when contained in a rebuilt hosted repository


  • [NEXUS-11219] Bug Drop Inactive Staging Repositories task aborts if a repository is not found


  • [NEXUS-10987] Bug NoClassDefFoundError for SSLSocketImpl on non-Oracle JVM prevents proxying HTTPS remote
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