How do I export/import a Maven 2 format repository?

Q. How can I export or import a Maven 2 format repository over HTTP into Nexus Repository Manager

Import into NXRM 3.23.0 and newer

To import a Maven 2 format repository from a NXRM 2.x repository storage directory or equivalent Maven repository layout on disk ( ie. local ~/.m2/repository ) into 3.x, create a Repository - Import external files task and run it. More information can be found in the help documentation ( NEXUS-11468 ).

Import into NXRM 3.22.1 and earlier, including NXRM 2.x

There is no formal repository export or import built into the these versions.

However you should be able to use a third party tool to do this over HTTP using standard request paths.

Option 1. Here is a third-party tool which does this:

Option 2. Another option is the transfer artifact command of the RiotGames nexus_cli.

Option 3. Nexus Repository - Artifact Import Scripts

Option 4: Search github for other open source scripts and tools for bulk import

Any problems with the above third-party tools should be directed to the tool author.


Export is planned only for a future NXRM 3 version. Please monitor NEXUS-23854  for updates.

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