How do I export/import a Maven 2 format repository?

Importing into Repository Manager 3.23.0 Pro and newer

To import a Maven 2 format repository from a NXRM 2 repository storage directory or equivalent Maven repository layout on disk ( ie. local ~/.m2/repository ) into 3.x, create a Repository - Import external files task and run it. More information can be found in the help NEXUS-11468 ).

Exporting from Repository Manager 3.24.0 Pro and newer

To export components out of a Repository Manager 3 instance, consult our help ( NEXUS-23854 )

Third-party Unsupported Export / Import Alternatives

Import into NXRM 3.22.1 and earlier, including NXRM 3 OSS and NXRM 2.x

There is no formal repository export or import built into the these versions.

However you might be able to use a third party tool to do this over HTTP using standard request paths.

Option 1. Here is a third-party tool which claims to do this:

Option 2. Another option is the transfer artifact command of the RiotGames nexus_cli.

Option 3. Nexus Repository - Artifact Import Scripts

Option 4: Search github for other open source scripts and tools for bulk import

Any problems with the above third-party tools should be directed to the tool author.

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