Problem: Proxy repository to site is auto-blocked

The secure central service was put in place to allow SSL access to central back in a time when SSL wasn't available on the main URL. Once we added SSL to the main Maven Central site was no longer needed.

Because of this the URL was deprecated many years ago in August 2014, and has been redirecting to since early 2018. 

We have now shut down the redirect, completing our deprecation of this service.

You can switch to the freely available secure central URL easily.

  1. As a Nexus administrator, select your secure Central repository in the Nexus Repositories list and open the Configuration tab.
  2. Change the Remote Storage Location value to
  3. Click Save button to save your changes.
  4. Disable the secure central capability. Open Administration -> Capabilities tab. If the Secure Central capability is present, click it to view its Settings. Make sure the Enabled checkbox is not checked. Save the capability.
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