Updating Java for IQ Server on Windows

Nexus IQ Server does not ship with a JRE. It will use the java executable which comes first in the PATH. In most cases you can therefore just update java on the machine.

If you prefer to specify a particular install location of java to use you can change the default value of "wrapper.java.command" from just "java" to a full path as follows:

  1. Under the install directory find the clm-jsw\clm-jsw\bin\jsw\conf\wrapper.conf file.
  2. Change this value for wrapper.java.command to use the full path to the java executable you want IQ Server to use.

For example, you could change:


to this install location:

wrapper.java.command=C:/Program Files/Java/jre1.8.0_181/bin/java.exe

You will need to restart IQ Server for this change to take effect.

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