How to generate native blobstore blob path from a blob ID

Given you only have a native blobstore blob ID value, you can programatically determine where this blob will end up in the native blobstore of Nexus Repository Manager 3.

The logic to generate the path, excluding the file extension, inside a native blobstore is isolated to one class file:

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import static;

 * Stores blobs in a two-deep directory tree.
 * The first layer, {@code vol}, having {@link #TIER_1_MODULO} directories,
 * and the second {@code chap} having {@link #TIER_2_MODULO}.
 * @since 3.0
public class VolumeChapterLocationStrategy
    extends LocationStrategySupport
  private static final int TIER_1_MODULO = 43;

  private static final int TIER_2_MODULO = 47;

  public String location(final BlobId blobId) {

    return String.format("vol-%02d/chap-%02d/%s",
        tier(blobId, TIER_1_MODULO),
        tier(blobId, TIER_2_MODULO),

  private int tier(final BlobId blobId, final int modulo) {
    return Math.abs(blobId.hashCode() % modulo) + 1;
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