04/22/19 New Licenses and Updates to Default License Threat Groups (LTGs)

Sonatype Data Research has added 474 new licenses to its catalog.  These changes went live on 4/22/19.  This addition improves the license coverage and eliminates many "License-Non Standard" violations.  These licenses have been categorized by Sonatype as Banned, Commercial, Copyleft, Liberal, Non Standard and Weak Copyleft, which will be recognized in new installations with a classification in the default Banned, Commercial, Copyleft, Liberal, Non Standard and Weak Copyleft License Threat Groups. For all existing instances, the licenses will remain uncategorized and should be validated with your legal team. If you currently have any of these licenses in your existing scan data and are using the Sonatype Reference Policy, a new "License-Threat Not Assigned" policy violation will be triggered upon subsequent scans denoting that license should be added to an existing License Threat Group.

In addition to these OSS License additions, Sonatype has also performed a review of all previous License Threat Group (LTG) classifications. Based on this review, we have determined a new classification necessary for a subset of licenses. These new classifications will be reflected by default in all new instances as of May 14, 2019. For all existing instances, you can review a list of those LTG shifts below to determine the reclassifications that align with your internal license definitions. LTG classifications can be updated in the License Threat Groups tab within the Organizations and Policies view.

For additional details on the benefits of these changes and recommended best practices, please see our community post.


New licenses


AGPL-2.0 Affero General Public License v2.0
BananaTag-License BananaTag-License
BS-MDT-License Bootstrap Material Design Theme License
Botpress-Proprietary-License-1.0 Botpress-Proprietary-License-1.0
emojidex-OL-1.0 emojidex Open License
SpinalCom-SLA SpinalCom Free Software License Agreement
Yagnus-License Yagnus-License
Appature-Nexus-Integration-Toolkit-Sdk-LA Appature Nexus Integration Toolkit SDK license Agreement
Bandcamp-TOU Bandcamp Terms of Use
Bringg-TOU Bringgs Website Terms of Use
CSIRO-NC-SCLA-1.0 CSIRO Non-Commercial Source Code License Agreement v1.0
Hyperon-EULA Hyperon End User License Agreement
Impact-TOU Impact Terms of Use
Impact-Radius-TOU Impact Radius Terms of Use
IOBL-1.0 Intersult Open Binary License 1.0
IrfanView-SLA IrfanView Software License Agreement
JDL-1.1.X Java Distribution License 1.1.X
Limilabs-EULA Limilabs End-User License Agreement
Magnolia-TAC Magnolia Terms and Conditions
Microsoft-Services-Agreement Microsoft Services Agreement
MongoDB-SSPL-1.0 MongoDB Server Side Public License 1.0
MS-ASP.Net-Web-Api-Client-Libraries Microsoft ASP.Net Web Api Client Libraries
MS-ASP.NET-Web-Pages-Templates Microsoft ASP.NET Web Pages Templates
MS-Bcl-Portability-Package Microsoft Bcl Portability Package
MS-Dynamics-CRM-2011-SDK Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Software Development Kit
MS-Dynamics-CRM-2013-SDK Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 Software Development Kit
MS-TOU Microsoft Terms of Use
MS-Lightswitch-Client-JS-Runtime Microsoft Lightswitch Client Javascript Runtime
Nexmo-Verify-SDK-LA Nexmo Verify SDK License Agreement
Nuance-OmniPage-Cloud-Service-EULA Nuance OmniPage Cloud Service EULA
NuoDB-License NuoDB License
Ollie-SLA Ollie Software License Agreement
Open-IE-4-SLA Open IE 4 Software License Agreement
OpenText-Trial-Use-LA OpenText Trial Use License Agreement
OTN-Early-Adopter-Development-LA Oracle Technology Network Early Adopter Development License Agreement
Peer-Production-License Peer Production License
Research-License-1.0 Research License 1.0
TeeChart-License TeeChart for Javascript Commercial and Non-Commercial License
PacketZoom-TOS-Free-Tier PacketZoom Terms of Service Free Tier
QuimP-License QuimP License
Songkick-API-TOU Songkick API Terms of Use Agreement
SPARKSEE-Graph-Database-license-5.1.0 SPARKSEE Graph Database license Version 5.1.0
Toxgene-License Toxgene License
UPF-Free-Source-Code-LA UNIVERSITAT POMPEU FABRA Free Source Code License Agreement



AppVeyor-EULA AppVeyor End User License Agreement
Essential-Objects-Web-EULA End User License Agreement - EO.Web
Essential-Objects-Pdf-EULA End User License Agreement - EO.Pdf
Essential-Objects-Wpf-EULA End User License Agreement - EO.Wpf
GemBox-EULA GemBox End User License Agreement
Gooten-SDK-LA Gooten SDK License Agreement
HiQPdf-SLA HiQPdf Software License Agreement
IBM-ILAR ILAR IBM International License Agreement for Early Release of Programs
InfoNode-Software-License-1.1 InfoNode Software License 1.1
JIDE-SLA JIDE Software License Agreement
Koloboke-Compile-License Koloboke Compile License
MS-Developer-Tools-Build-Test-Preview Microsoft Edge Developer Tools Preview - Software License Terms
MS-Web-XDT Microsoft Web XML Transform
MobileFoundation-IPLA MobileFoundation International Progam License Agreement
MS-Azure-Mobile-Services-SDK Microsoft Azure Mobile Services SDK
MS-Developer-Services-Agreement Microsoft Developer Services Agreement
MS-Office-JS-API Microsoft Office Javascript Api
MS-Software-Bus-1.0-Beta Microsoft Service Bus 1.0 Beta
MS-Sql-Server-Compact-4.0 Microsoft Sql Server Compact 4.0
MS-Sysinternals-SLA Microsoft Sysinternals Software License Agreement
MS-Visual-Studio-Async-Targeting-Pack Microsoft Visual Studio Async Targeting Pack
MS-Visual-Studio-Sharepoint-Emulators Microsoft Visual Studio Sharepoint Emulators
MS-Windows-Azure-Media-Platform-SDK-.NET Microsoft Windows Azure Media Services Platform SDK for .NET
MS-Windows-Azure-Media-SDK-for-.NET Microsoft Windows Azure Media Services SDK for .NET
MS-Windows-Azure-SDK Microsoft Windows Azure Software Development Kit
MS-Windows-Azure-SDK-for-.NET Microsoft Windows Azure Software Development Kit, and for Microsoft Windows Azure Libraries For .NET
MS-.NET-Framework.DLL-Package Microsoft .Net Framework .DLL Package
Mulesoft-LA Mulesoft License Agreement
NeoDynamic-EULA Neodynamic End User License Agreement
Ontotext-LA ONTOTEXT License Agreement
OpenText-EULA OpenText End User License Agreement
Oracle-BCLA Oracle Binary Code License Agreement
Oracle-Developer-Tools-for-VisualStudio.NET-DLT Oracle Developer Tools for Visual Studio .NET Development License Terms
Appcelerator Appcelerator License
AppDynamics-EULA AppDynamics LLC End User License Agreement
ADG-License Atlassian Design Guidelines License
bpmn-io-License bpmn.io License
DevExtreme-Complete-EULA DevExtreme Complete End User License Agreement
Froala-Editor-LA Froala Editor License Agreement
FusionCharts-SLA FusionCharts Software Licensing Agreement - Annual License
Hatiolab-EULA Hatiolab End User License Agreement
IBM-SL-International-Program-Policies-LA IBM International Program License Agreement
IBM-Non-Warranted-Programs-SLA IBM International License Agreement for Non-Warranted Programs
Imply-TAC Imply Terms and Conditions
Image-Components-SDK-LA License Agreement for Image Components SDK
KII-TOU KII Terms of Use
Mave-Technologies-License Mave Technologies License
MS-VCREMOTE MS Pre-Release VC++ Cross-Platform Mobile Development VCREMOTE License
National-Instruments-SLA National Instruments Software License Agreement
New-Relic-agent-license New Relic agent license
Northwoods-SLA NORTHWOODS SOFTWARE CORPORATION Software License Agreement
NVidia-CUDA-SDK-EULA NVidia CUDA SDK End User License Agreement
Oath-TOS Oath Terms of Service
NET-Framework-Package-Preview .NET Framework Package Preview
10tec-Company-License-Agreement 10tec Company License Agreement
ActiveDBSoft-Developer-EULA Active Database Software Developer End User License Agreement
AdaptiveLINQ-EULA AdaptiveLINQ End User License Agreement
AG-Software-LA AG Software License Agreement
AIQ-Limited-SDK AIQ Pte. Limited Software Development Kit
Alachisoft-SLA Alachisoft Software License Agreement
Algolia-TOS Algolia Terms of Service
ALM-Works-EULA-3.0 ALM Works End-User License Agreement Version 3.0
Apitron-SLA Apitron Software License Agreement
AppOptics-Java-Agent-License AppOptics Java Agent License
Apteligent-Inc-Service-Terms-and-Conditions Apteligent, Inc. Service Terms and Conditions
ASPOSE-EULA ASPOSE End User License Agreement
ASP-Security-Kit-Khosla-Tech-EUA ASPSecurityKit Khosla Tech - End User License Agreement
Athento-Shared-Source-License Athento Shared Source License
Atlassian-Customer-Agreement Atlassian Customer Agreement
AutoIt-EULA AutoIt End-User License Agreement
AWS-Customer-Agreement AWS Customer Agreement
Bendsoft-Camelot-.NET-Connector-LA Bendsoft Camelot .NET Connector License Agreement
Better-Cms-LA Better Cms License Agreement
Bit-Miracle-EULA Bit Miracle End User License Agreement
Blue-Breeze-EULA Blue Breeze End User License Agreement
BotDetect-ASP.Net-Captcha-3.0.14.X-EULA BotDetect ASP.NET CAPTCHA v3.0.14.X End User License Agreement
BotDetect-ASP.Net-Captcha-3.0.15.X-EULA BotDetect ASP.NET CAPTCHA v3.0.15.X End User License Agreement
BotDetect-ASP.Net-Captcha-3.0.16.X-EULA BotDetect ASP.NET CAPTCHA v3.0.16.X End User License Agreement
Bugfender-TOS Bugfender Terms of Service
Burp-Suite-Professional-LA Burp Suite Professional Terms & Conditions of Supply
Chilkat-Software-License Chilkat Software License
Cl-Eye-Platform-EULA Cl-Eye Platform End User License Agreement
Cortical.io-Public-API-EULA Cortical.io Public API End User License Agreement
Couchbase-Community-Edition-LA Couchbase Community Edition License Agreement
Crawler-Lib-EULA Crawler-Lib End User License Agreement
Cutesoft-Rich-Text-Editor-EULA CuteSoft Rich Text Editor End User License Agreement
DataStax-DSE-Driver-License DataStax DSE Driver License Terms
devDept-Software-products-LA-1.15 License Agreement for devDept Software products version 1.15
DlhSoft-Software-EULA DlhSoft Software End User License Agreement
Disqus-TOS Disqus Terms of Service
DotNetMath-SLA DotNetMath Software License Agreement
Dropbox-Developer-TOC Dropbox Developer Terms and Conditions
Dynamic-Particle-System-Framework-EULA Dynamic Particle System Framework End User License Agreement
EBAY-TOU-and-API-LA EBAY Developers Program Terms Of Use and API License Agreement
EBR-IT-TOU EBR IT Terms of Use
EF6-Runtime-Alpha-License EF6 Runtime Alpha License
EF6-Runtime-Beta-RC-License EF6 Runtime Beta RC License
Entity-Framework-Profiler-EULA Entity Framework Profiler End User License Agreement
Essential-Objects-WebBrowser-EULA EO.WebBrowser End User License Agreement
Particular-SW-Evaluation-LA Particular Software Evaluation License Agreement
Evergage-TOS Evergage Terms of Service
EVO-PDF-SLA EVO PDF Software License Agreement
ExpertPdf-Outside-Software-Inc-EULA End User License Agreement for ExpertPdf Products by Outside Software Inc.
Footloose-LA Footloose License Agreement
Free-Bare-Tail-LA Free Bare Tail License Agreement
g9-Runtime-EULA End User License Agreement for g9 Runtime
Gatling-Highcharts-License Gatling Highcharts License
GE-Software-Development-LA GE Software Development License Agreement
Gimbal-Subscription-and-Product-Agreement Gimbal Subscription and Product Agreement
Google-Cloud-Platform-TOS Google Cloud Platform Terms of Service
Gooten-TOS Gooten Terms of Service
ID.me-TOS ID.me Terms of Service
Ideablade-EULA Ideablade End User License Agreement
Inetlab-EULA Inetlab End-User License Agreement
Infragistics-SLA-Ultimate Infragistics Software License Agreement - Ultimate
Instabug-TOS Instabug Terms of Service
JetBrains-ReSharper-SDK-LA JetBrains ReSharper SDK License Agreement
jOOQ-License jOOQ License and Maintenance Agreement
Luppes-Consulting-SLA Luppes Consulting Software License Agreement
Macaw-SharePoint.DesignFactory.ContentFiles-EULA Macaw SharePoint.DesignFactory.ContentFiles EULA
MS-ASP-.NET-Scaffolding MICROSOFT ASP.NET Scaffolding
MoEngage-Platform-License MoEngage Platform License
MS-Code-Analysis-Azure-Pre-release Microsoft Code Analysis for Azure Pre-release
MS-Office-Web-Widgets Microsoft Office Web Widgets
Navisens-SDK-TOS Navisens SDK Terms of Service
NHibernate-Profiler-EULA NHibernate Profiler End User License Agreement
Noemax-DotNetCompression-Trial-SLA Software License Agreement for Noemax DotNetCompression Trial
Nuget-based-MS-Package-Manager Nuget-based Microsoft Package Manager
OTN-DDLT-For-Instant-Client Oracle Technology Network Development and Distribution License Terms for Instant Client
PayPal-SDK The PayPal Node SDK License
Private-Open-License-1.0 Private-Open License version 1.0
Quantcast-TOS Quantcast Measure and Q for Publishers Terms of Service
R1-API-License R1 API License Agreement
SDL-Web-Developer-SDA SDL Web Developer Software and Distribution Agreement
T-Mobile-License T-Mobile License
TigerConnect-EULA TigerConnect End User License Agreement
Unicode-TOU Unicode Terms of Use
Wakanda-License Wakanda License
E-ICEBLUE-LA E-ICEBLUE License Agreement
Ivanti-EULA Ivanti End User License Agreement
MS-ASP-.NET-Friendly-Urls Microsoft ASP.NET Friendly Urls
Perpetuum-Software-LLC-EULA Perpetuum Software LLC End-User License Agreement
Piczard1-ULA Piczard1 User License Agreement
Progress-Data-Access-EULA End User License Agreement for Progress Data Access
QuartzDesk-COMMERCIAL-LA QuartzDesk COMMERCIAL License Agreement
ReflectSoftware-EULA-for-ReflectInsight ReflectSoftware End User License Agreement for ReflectInsight
SaaS-TOS SaaS Terms of Service
SAP-DLA SAP Developer License Agreement
SeaLights-License SeaLights License
Softfluent-EULA SoftFluent End User License Agreement
Sonatype-EULA Sonatype End User License Agreement
SourceClear-LA SourceClear License Agreement
Spine-Runtime-License Spine Runtime License
Stimulsoft-DLA Developer License Agreement for Stimulsoft Software
SUN-LEL Sun Limited Evaluation License
Tapir-Community-License Tapir Community License
Templater-EULA Templater End User License Agreement
Twitter-Bootstrap-MVC-7.0 License agreement for TwitterBootstrapMVC Version 7
UCUM-License UCUM License
Univocity-LA Univocity License Agreement
uTest-TOU uTest Terms of Use
Valassis-SDK-TOU Valassis SDK Terms of Use
Veloxity-TOU Veloxity Terms of Use
VistaDB-EULA VistaDB End User License Agreement
WorldPay-Developer-TOU WorldPay Developer Terms of Use
Xamarin-SLA Xamarin Software License Agreement
Yandex-.Metrica-Service-TOU Yandex.Metrica Service Terms Of Use
Yoctopuce-License Yoctopuce License



HESS-LA Hacktivismo Enhanced-Source Software License Agreement
ESA-PL-2.0 European Space Agency Public License v2.0
OSCL-C-1.0 Open Source Community License Type C version 1.0
Sendmail-License Sendmail License
TORQUE-Software-License-1.1 TORQUE v2.5+ Software License v1.1
RWPCL-1.1 RoboWiki Public Code License Version 1.1
TMate-OSL The TMate Open Source License
XebiaLabs-FLOSS-License-Exception XebiaLabs FLOSS License Exception



ADOBE-PC-SLA ADOBE Personal Computer Software License Agreement
Confluent-Community-License-1.0 Confluent Community License version 1.0
Controls-.js-LA Controls.js License Agreement
Entity-Framework-5-License Entity Framework 5 License
Firebase-TOS Firebase Terms of Service
IBM-OSL IBM Open Source License
Inexas-Software-License-1.0 Inexas Software License 1.0
LicenseSpot-TOS LicenseSpot Terms of Service
MS-Entity-Framework-4.1-Terms Microsoft Software Supplemental License Terms Entity Framework 4.1
MS-WOS-Update1-Entity-Framework-4.1 Entity Framework 4.1 for Microsoft Windows Operating System - Update 1
DevExtreme-NC-EULA DevExtreme Non-Commercial, Non-Competitive End User License Agreement
AMD-PLPA AMDs plpa_map.c License
AGEL Atomic Game Engine License
BSD-Protection BSD Protection License
BTC-Crypto-License BTC Crypto License
bzip2-1.0.6 bzip2 and libbzip2 License v1.0.6
Captain-Up-TOU Captain Up Terms of Use
CNRI-Python CNRI Python License
CyberNeko-1.0 CyberNeko Software License 1.0
diffmark diffmark license
DonationWare DonationWare License
DreamFace-OL DreamFace Open License
eGenix eGenix.com Public License 1.1.0
Xtribe Experimental Tribe License
FormValidation-CLA FormValidation commercial license agreement
Freecharge-TOU Freecharge Terms of Use
Gridifier-Developer-LA Gridifier Developer License Agreement
HaskellReport Haskell Language Report License
ICU4J-1.3.1-and-later ICU4J License v1.3.1and later
Imlib2 Imlib2 License
Imperavi-LA Imperavi License Agreement
Intel Intel Open Source License
Janelia-Farm-License Janelia Farm License
Jaxen-BSD-License Jaxen BSD License
JCLAP-LA JCLAP License Agreement
jDash-Standard-LA-2.0 jDash Standard License Agreement 2.0
JDOM-License JDOM License
Jlex-License Jlex License
jMock-License jMock License
Jodit-License Jodit-License
BSD-3-Clause-LBNL Lawrence Berkeley National Labs BSD variant license
Leptonica Leptonica License
LEB Lexham English Bible License
Librato-OL-1.0 Librato Open License Version 1.0
libtiff libtiff License
Mockrunner-1.1 Mockrunner License Version 1.1
MITNFA MIT with no-false-attribs
MobilePay-AppSwitch-license MobilePay AppSwitch license
Mup Mup License
NYSL Niru nari Yaku nari Suki ni shiro License
ODC-BY-1.0 Open Data Commons Attribution License v1.0
PHP-3.0 PHP License v3.0
Happy-License The Happy License
JLMK-License The Just Let Me Know License
jMEs-BSD-License jMEs BSD License
LIL-1.0 The Lil License v1
UPL-1.0 Universal Permissive License v1.0
Zend-2.0 Zend License v2.0
0BSD BSD Zero Clause License
Allegro-License Allegro License
Amazon-Software-License Amazon Software License
AML AppleJavaExtensions Agreement
Apache-XML-Security-License Apache XML Security License
AS-IS AS IS License
Bazaarvoice-TOU Bazaarvoice Terms of Use
Bouncycastle-license Bouncycastle license
BSD-3-Clause-Attribution BSD with Attribution
BSD-3-Clause-Clear BSD-3-Clause Clear License
BSD-3-Clause-Patent BSD-3-Clause Patent License
BSD-Modification-Variant BSD Modification Variant
BTC-Crypto-License BTC Crypto License
Capgemini-Technology-Services-License Capgemini Technology Services License
CareWebFramework-License CareWebFramework License
Circumflex-License Circumflex License
Cisco-UCT-EULA Cisco Unified Communication Tools End-User License Agreement
Citrix-LA Citrix License Agreement
CleverPush-License CleverPush License
CloudRail-TOU CloudRail Terms of Use
CMRL-1.0 Commercial Madura Rules License version 1.0
Coevery-Public-License-3.0 Coevery Public License Version 3.0
COIL-0.4 Copyfree Open Innovation License version 0.4
COIL-0.5 Copyfree Open Innovation License version 0.5
Commons-Clause-1.0 Commons Clause License Condition v1.0
Crypteron-TOS Crypteron Terms of Service
CSLA.NET-License-4.0.2 CSLA.NET License Version 4.0.2
CTSL-2.0 The Clearthought Software License, Version 2.0
CUP-Parser-Generator CUP Parser Generator License
Day-Specification-License Day Specification License
DBPool-License DBPool License
Dejavu-Fonts-License DejaVu Fonts License
DOM4j-License DOM4j License
DSpace-Source-Code-BSD-License DSpace Source Code BSD License
DTDDoc-License DTDDoc License
DynamicSoft-Specification-Lead-License DynamicSoft Specification Lead License
DynamicSoft-License DynamicSoft License
Eagle-License-Terms Eagle License Terms
EasyUI-JQuery-software-CL EasyUI for JQuery software Commercial License
EDL-1.0 Eclipse Distribution License - v 1.0
ESL-2.0 Egothor Software License v2.00
EPICS-Open-SLA EPICS Open Software License Agreement
EPSG-TOU EPSG Terms of Use
Steinwurf-Evaluation-License Steinwurf Evaluation License
Ext.NET-Pro-SLA-2.2.0 Ext.NET Pro Software License Agreement,Version 2.2.0
Fabric3-License Fabric3 License
Facebook-SDK Facebook SDK License
FOSS-License-Exception FOSS License Exception
GreenSock-Commercial-License GreenSock Commercial License
GSBase-SL-1.0 GSBase Software License version 1.0
IAIK-PKCS11-Wrapper-License IAIK-PKCS11-Wrapper License
ICU ICU License
Imperavi-Redactor-LA Imperavi Redactor License Agreement
Inno-Setup-License Inno Setup License
Irof-License-0.0001 Irof License Version 0.0001
ITV-OSSL-1.0 ITV Open Source Software License Version 1.0
J-Ogg-License J-Ogg License
Jamon-LA Jamon License Agreement
jCharts-License jCharts License
jGuru-Europe-Corporate-SL-2.0 jGuru Europe Corporate Source License 2.0
Jibble-COMMERCIAL-License Jibble COMMERCIAL License
JourneyMap-API-License JourneyMap API License
JSBML-License JSBML License
KD-Cloudlet-License KVM-based Discoverable Cloudlet (KD-Cloudlet)
Knopflerfish-License Knopflerfish License
KPSL-1.1-01 The Krysalis Patchy Software License, Version 1.1-01
Lemur-LA Lemur License Agreement
Liquid-Controls-Source-Code-License Liquid Controls Source Code License Terms
Logchop-License LogChop Client License
MPL-2.0-HD Mozilla Public License 2.0 Healthcare Disclaimer
MS-Developer-Platform-Evangelism Microsoft Developer and Platform Evangelism
MS-LPL Microsoft Limited Public License
Unidata Unidata Program at the University Corporation for Atmospheric Research.
NUnit-License NUnit License
NYSL-0.9982 NYSL Version 0.9982
Oculus-VR-SDK-LA Oculus Software Development Kit License Agreement
OGC-License OGC License
OGL Open Government License
OML Open Market License
OpenSymphony-1.1 OpenSymphony Software License Version 1.1
OWL Open Works License
P6Spy-SL-1.1 The P6Spy Software License Version 1.1
Parse-License Parse License
Peaceful-OSL Peaceful Open Source License
Piax-Binary-Code-License PIAX Binary Code License
PUPL Paid Use Permissive License
Python-2.2 Python 2.2 License
qQuick-License qQuick License
QuickFix-SL-1.0 QuickFix Software License version 1.0
Repast-Suite-License Repast Suite License
RKSPL Rekisoft Public License
SBL-Greek-New-Testament-EULA SBL Greek New Testament End User License Agreement
SGI-B-2.0 SGI Free Software License B v2.0
SMaPPL-0.1 Send Me a Postcard Public License 0.1
Snaptree-License Snaptree License
Solmsted-Slexer-License Solmsted Slexer License
Sonots-PL Sonots Public License
SphinxConnector.NET-LA SphinxConnector.NET License Agreement
SUBLIME-TEXT-EULA Sublime Text End User License Agreement
SUN-Project-JXTA-SL The Sun Project JXTA Software License
TCL TCL-TK License
TGPPL-1.0 Transitive Grace Period Public License, v1.0
ThirdWatch-TOS ThirdWatch Terms of Service
TMAPI-1.0 Topic Maps API v1.0
TOU-Specialist-NLP-Tools Terms of Use Specialist NLP Tools
TPL Tumbolia Public License
TPL-Dataflow-MS-.NET-Framework-4.5 TPL Dataflow for Microsoft .Net Framework 4.5
Tridium-OSL Tridium Open Source License
TUT-License Tampere University of Technology License
Tyrex-License Tyrex License
UChicago-Argonne-LLC-OSL UChicago Argonne LLC Open Source License
UCLA-CG-License UCLA Compilers Group License
UFL-1.0 Ubuntu font License 1.0
UltiDev-Web-Server-Software-License UltiDev Web Server Software License
UnboundID-LDAP-SDK-Free-Use-License UnboundID LDAP SDK Free Use License
UnboundID-SCIM-2.0-Client-SDK-Free-Use-License UnboundID SCIM 2.0 Client SDK Free Use License
Unlicense The Unlicense
VALJOGen-License VALJOGen License
Vergosity-License Vergosity License
Virgil-Security-License Virgil Security License
VOL Very Open License
VoxImplant-Android-SDK-LA VoxImplant Android SDK license agreement
W3C-19980720 W3C Software Notice and License - 1998-07-20
W3C-20150513 W3C Software Notice and License - 2015-05-13
WebCC-Public-License WebCC Public License
Widen-CLA Widen Commercial License Agreement
Windows-Identity-Foundation-for-MS-WOS Windows Identity Foundation for Microsoft Windows Operating Systems
WQuery-License WQuery License
Yahoo-BSD-License Yahoo BSD License
Yandex-.Disk-Service-TOU Yandex.Disk Service Terms of Use
Yandex-.Money-API-UA Yandex.Money API User Agreement
zlib-Acknowledgement zlib-libpng License with Acknowledgement



Steve-Konves-Get-Stuff-Done-License Steve Konves Get Stuff Done License
Virgin-Mojito-Ware The Virgin-Mojito-Ware License
Whiskey-Ware-License Whiskey Ware License
BipCot-NoGov-1.2 BipCot NoGov Software License 1.2
Coffeeware Coffeeware-License
DBAD Dont Be A Dick Public License
Good-Boy Good-Boy License
Google-ICL Google Individual Contributor License Agreement
NLPL No Limit Public License
GreenSock-Standard-License Standard No Charge GreenSock License
CFPB-Source-Code-Policy CFPB Source Code Policy
Crowley-License-1.0 CROWLEY LICENCE version 1.0
CVAL-1.0 Commercial Vaadin Add-On License version 1.0
CVAL-2.0 Commercial Vaadin Add-On License version 2.0
DNE-1.0 The Do-No-Evil License Version 1.0
Free-as-in-Hugs Free as in Hugs License
GLWTPL Good Luck With That Public License
IDK The I Dont Care License
MartiniWare MartiniWare License
Pizzaware Pizzaware License
Pragma-License Pragma-License v2.94
SATA The Star And Thank Author License
WS-I-1.1 Web Services-Interoperability Testing Tools V1.1
WYWTPL Do What You Want to Public License


Weak Copyleft:

AFL-1.1 Academic Free License v1.1
AOT-OL-1.0 AlphaOmega Technology License Agreement
Sedris-LA Sedris License Agreement
SMPPL Secure Messaging Protocol Public License
Terracotta-PL-2.0 Terracotta Public License 2.0
Xavax-OSL The XAVAX Open Source License
Glide 3dfx Glide License
Artistic-1.0-Perl Artistic License 1.0 Perl
GL2PS GL2PS License
gnuplot gnuplot License
OSL-1.1 Open Software License 1.1
CRAPL Community Research and Academic Programming License
BitTorrent-OSL-1.2 BitTorrent Open Source License 1.2
Qhull Qhull License


Updated License Classifications

Sonatype's Data Research has also revised and updated the existing default LTGs for the following licenses.

Previous LTG: Uncategorized

License Short ID License Full Name New LTG
CECILL-2.1 CeCILL Free Software License Agreement v2.1 Weak Copyleft
CC-BY-ND-4.0 Creative Commons Attribution No Derivatives 4.0 Commercial
CC-BY-NC-4.0 Creative Commons Attribution Non Commercial 4.0 Banned
CC-BY-NC-ND-4.0 Creative Commons Attribution Non Commercial No Derivatives 4.0 Banned
CC-BY-NC-SA-4.0 Creative Commons Attribution Non Commercial Share Alike 4.0 Banned
EPL-2.0 Eclipse Public License 2.0 Weak Copyleft
EUPL-1.2 European Union Public License 1.2 CopyLEFT
FTL Freetype Project License Liberal
JA-SIG-Collaborative The JA-SIG Collaborative License Liberal
LPPL-1.0 LaTeX Project Public License v1.0 Commercial
LPPL-1.1 LaTeX Project Public License v1.1 Weak Copyleft
LPPL-1.2 LaTeX Project Public License v1.2 Commercial
LPPL-1.3c LaTeX Project Public License, Version 1.3c Weak Copyleft
LPL-1.0 Lucent Public License Version 1.0 Liberal
LPL-1.02 Lucent Public License Version 1.02 (LPL-1.02) Liberal
MS-RL Microsoft Reciprocal License CopyLEFT
MirOS MirOS License Liberal
Multics Multics License Liberal
NASA-1.3 NASA Open Source Agreement 1.3 Weak Copyleft
Naumen NAUMEN Public License Liberal
NGPL Nethack General Public License Non-Standard
NPL-1.0 Netscape Public License v1.0 Weak Copyleft
NPL-1.1 Netscape Public License v1.1 Weak Copyleft
NTP NTP License Liberal
OCLC-2.0 OCLC Research Public License 2.0 CopyLEFT
ODbL-1.0 ODC Open Database License v1.0 Non-Standard
OGTSL Open Group Test Suite License Liberal
OLDAP-2.8 Open LDAP Public License v2.8 Liberal
OpenSSL OpenSSL License Liberal
PostgreSQL PostgreSQL License Liberal
QPL-1.0 Q Public License 1.0 CopyLEFT
RPSL-1.0 RealNetworks Public Source License v1.0 CopyLEFT
RSCPL Ricoh Source Code Public License Weak Copyleft
SAX-PD Sax Public Domain Notice Liberal
SimPL-2.0 Simple Public License 2.0 CopyLEFT
SugarCRM-1.1.3 SugarCRM Public License v1.1.3 Non-Standard
NCSA The University of Illinois/NCSA Open Source License (NCSA) Liberal
VSL-1.0 Vovida Software License v1.0 Liberal
WXwindows wxWindows Library License Liberal
XFree86-1.1 XFree86 License 1.1 Liberal
Xnet X.Net License Liberal
YPL-1.1 Yahoo! Public License v1.1 Weak Copyleft
Zimbra-1.3 Zimbra Public License v1.3 Weak Copyleft
Nokia Nokia Open Source License Weak Copyleft
Watcom-1.0 Sybase Open Watcom Public License 1.0 Weak Copyleft
XPP-1.1.1 Indiana University Extreme! Lab Xml Pull Parser License v1.1.1 Commercial
XPP-1.2 Indiana University Extreme! Lab Xml Pull Parser License v1.2 Liberal


Previous LTG: Copyleft

License Short ID License Full Name New LTG
Zimbra-1.4 Zimbra Public License v1.4 Weak Copyleft
APL-1.0 Adaptive Public License 1.0 Non-Standard
eCos-2.0 eCos license version 2.0 Liberal
IPL-1.0 IBM Public License v1.0 Weak Copyleft
OSL-1.0 Open Software License 1.0 Weak Copyleft
OSL-2.0 Open Software License 2.0 Weak Copyleft
OSL-2.1 Open Software License 2.1 Weak Copyleft
OSL-3.0 Open Software License 3.0 Weak Copyleft
Ruby Ruby License Weak Copyleft


Previous LTG: Liberal 

License Short ID License Full Name New LTG
Android-SDK Android Software Development Kit License Agreement Commercial
EFL-1.0 Eiffel Forum License v1.0 Weak Copyleft
IPA IPA Font License Weak Copyleft
MS-ADAL Microsoft Active Directory Authentication Library(ADAL) Commercial
MS-ASP.NET-MVC-3-Tools-Update Microsoft ASP.NET Model View Controller 3 ToolsUpdate Commercial
MS-ASP.NET-MVC-4 Microsoft ASP.NET Model View Controller 4 Commercial
MS-ASP.NET-MVC-4-Beta Microsoft ASP.NET Model View Controller 4 Beta Commercial
MS-ASP.NET-MVC-4-Extensions-Pre-Release Microsoft ASP.NET Model View Controller 4 Extensions Pre-Release Commercial
MS-ASP.NET-MVC-4-Pre-Release Microsoft ASP.NET Model View Controller 4 Pre-Release Commercial
MS-ASP.NET-SignalR-Client-Libraries Microsoft ASP.NET SignalR – Client Libraries Commercial
MS-ASP.NET-Tools Microsoft ASP.NET Tools Commercial
MS-ASP.NET-Universal-Providers Microsoft ASP.NET Universal Providers Commercial
MS-ASP.NET-WOF Microsoft ASP.NET Web Optimization Framework Commercial
MS-ASP.NET-WOF-Pre-Release Microsoft ASP.NET Web Optimization Framework Pre-Release Banned
MS-ASP.NET-Web-Pages Microsoft ASP.NET Web Pages Commercial
MS-ASP.NET-Web-Pages-2 Microsoft ASP.NET Web Pages 2 Commercial
MS-ASP.NET-Web-Pages-2-Pre-Release Microsoft ASP.NET Web Pages 2 - Pre-Release Commercial
MS-MSN-WEBGREASE Microsoft MSN WebGrease Commercial
MS-.NET-Compiler-Platform-Redist-Preview Microsoft .NET Compiler Platform Redistributable Packages Preview Commercial
MS-.NET-Library Microsoft .NET Library Commercial
MS-.NET-Library-JS Microsoft .NET Library JS Commercial
MS-RxJS-.NET-Libraries Microsoft Reactive Extensions for JavaScript and .NET Libraries Commercial
MS-Roslyn-CTP-EULA Microsoft "Roslyn" CTP EULA Commercial
PDDL-1.0 ODC Public Domain Dedication & License 1.0 Non-Standard
ServiceStack-License-Agreement ServiceStack License Agreement Commercial
WTFPL Do What The F*ck You Want To Public License Non-Standard


Previous LTGNon-Standard 

License Short ID License Full Name New LTG
Adobe-EULA Adobe End User License Agreement Commercial
Adobe-AFM Adobe Postscript AFM License Liberal
Adobe Adobe Systems Incorporated Source Code License Agreement Liberal
Amazon Amazon Digital Services License Liberal
BSL-1.0 Boost Software License 1.0 Liberal
CIP4-2.0 CIP4 Software License, Version 2.0 Commercial
CodeSmith-Generator CodeSmith Generator License Agreement Commercial
CuteSoft.net CuteSoft.net Commercial
Telerik-UI-for-ASP.NET-MVC End User License Agreement for Progress Telerik UI for ASP.NET MVC Banned
HP-DEC HP-DEC Commercial
IBM-JDBC IBM License Information JDBC Commercial
IBM-JDBC-RTA IBM License Information JDBC - Right To Audit Commercial
ImageMagick ImageMagick License Liberal
OASIS OASIS Intellectual Property Rights Policy Commercial
Oracle-OTN Oracle Technology Network License Agreement Banned
Oracle-OTN-Distribution Oracle Technology Network License Agreement Distribution Commercial
Telerik-JustMock-Free-Edition Progress Telerik JustMock Free Edition Commercial
QuanticastTOS Quantcast Mobile App Measurement Terms of Service Commercial
Rebex-EULA-1.4 Rebex General End User License 1.4 Commercial
RHeCos-1.1 Red Hat eCos Public License v1.1 Weak Copyleft
RSA-Security RSA-Security License Liberal
Sun-BCLA Sun Binary Code License Agreement Commercial
Sun-EULA Sun End User License Agreement Banned
SISSL-1.1 Sun Industry Standards Source License v1.1 Weak Copyleft
SISSL-1.2 Sun Industry Standards Source License v1.2 Weak Copyleft
Sun-IP Sun-IP Liberal
Sun-TM Sun Trademark License Commercial
Telerik-UI-for-FiddlerCore-Embedded-Engine Telerik End User License Agreement for FiddlerCore Embedded Engine Banned
USGovernmentRights USGovernnmentRights Banned
WS-Addressing-200408 WS-Addressing-200408 Liberal
Xerox Xerox License Liberal
DocBook DocBook Software License Liberal
CIP4-1.0 CIP4 Software License, Version 1.0 Liberal
edtFTPj edtFTPj Software License Agreement Liberal
IETF IETF Commercial


Previous LTGWeak Copyleft

License Short ID License Full Name New LTG
AFL-2.0 Academic Free License v2.0 Non-Standard
AFL-2.1 Academic Free License v2.1 Non-Standard
AFL-3.0 Academic Free License v3.0 Non-Standard
APSL-1.0 Apple Public Source License 1.0 Non-Standard
APSL-1.1 Apple Public Source License 1.1 Non-Standard
CC-BY-ND-1.0 Creative Commons Attribution No Derivatives 1.0 Liberal
CC-BY-ND-2.0 Creative Commons Attribution No Derivatives 2.0 Liberal
CC-BY-ND-2.5 Creative Commons Attribution No Derivatives 2.5 Liberal
CC-BY-ND-3.0 Creative Commons Attribution No Derivatives 3.0 Liberal
CC-BY-NC-1.0 Creative Commons Attribution Non Commercial 1.0 Banned
CC-BY-NC-2.0 Creative Commons Attribution Non Commercial 2.0 Banned
CC-BY-NC-2.5 Creative Commons Attribution Non Commercial 2.5 Banned
CC-BY-NC-3.0 Creative Commons Attribution Non Commercial 3.0 Banned
CC-BY-NC-ND-1.0 Creative Commons Attribution Non Commercial No Derivatives 1.0 Banned
CC-BY-NC-ND-2.0 Creative Commons Attribution Non Commercial No Derivatives 2.0 Banned
CC-BY-NC-ND-2.5 Creative Commons Attribution Non Commercial No Derivatives 2.5 Banned
CC-BY-NC-ND-3.0 Creative Commons Attribution Non Commercial No Derivatives 3.0 Banned
CC-BY-NC-SA-1.0 Creative Commons Attribution Non Commercial Share Alike 1.0 Banned
CC-BY-NC-SA-2.0 Creative Commons Attribution Non Commercial Share Alike 2.0 Banned
CC-BY-NC-SA-2.5 Creative Commons Attribution Non Commercial Share Alike 2.5 Banned
CC-BY-NC-SA-3.0 Creative Commons Attribution Non Commercial Share Alike 3.0 Banned
CC-BY-SA-1.0 Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike 1.0 Liberal
CC-BY-SA-2.0 Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike 2.0 Liberal
CC-BY-SA-2.5 Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike 2.5 Liberal
CC-BY-SA-3.0 Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike 3.0 Liberal
CC-BY-SA-4.0 Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike 4.0 Liberal
gSOAP-1.3b gSOAP Public License v1.3b Banned


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