How do I attach files to my support ticket?

There are three ways to send Sonatype files related to your support ticket.

  1. Standard Upload is the preferred mechanism. The ticket form at can be used to upload files securely using your web browser.
  2. Large File Upload can be enabled by your agent per ticket. The ticket form at or an alternate unique URL provided by your agent can be used to upload files using your web browser.
  3. Email attachments can be included when sending a message to

Standard Upload

Our support ticketing system uses a secure HTTPS connection to transmit file uploads. Files are not encrypted before upload, however the files are securely transmitted to use.

Standard Upload Using Ticket Form

  1. Go to and at the top-right of the page click Sign in to authenticate as an authorized support account.
  2. New Ticket: At the top right corner of the page, click Submit a request to start a new ticket. Select your type of concern from the drop-down list and fill out the form that is displayed.
    Existing Ticket: Click the ticket link in your email or at the top right corner of the site page, click the user drop down menu and choose My Activities and then select your ticket.
  3. In the form Attachments section, attach files by dragging and dropping them from your local machine or click Add file to select a file manually. 

Large File Upload

Inform your agent that you require large file uploads to be enabled. The agent will reply with a message confirming large uploads have been enabled and additional instructions.

Large File Upload Method

  1. If you are an authorized support contact, go to and at the top-right of the page click Sign in to authenticate as the authorized support account that opened the ticket.
  2. Confirm that large file uploads are enabled on your ticket.
  3. Upload your file(s) and wait for them to be marked as "Completed".
  4. Click the Submit button and wait for confirmation the uploads were submitted to the ticket history. 

Alternative Large File Upload Method

If the normal large file upload does not work or you cannot sign-in to the support site, then try this alternative method instead:

  1. Visit the special link given to you by a support agent.
  2. Enter the email address of the requester that filed the ticket.
  3. Upload your file(s) and wait for it to be marked as "Completed".
  4. Click the Submit button and wait for confirmation the upload was sent to us.

Google Chrome and Firefox web browsers provide the best large file upload performance in our experience, although all current major browser versions are supported.

How do I know if Large File Upload is enabled on my ticket?

Navigate to your ticket at In the right sidebar, the Maximum Attachment file size field will display the effective limit on your ticket. When large file uploads are enabled, it will look like this:


How do Large File Uploads Work?

Large File Uploads are made possible using a third-party technology called SendSafely integrated with our support system. 

  • there is no client side software to install - all that is required is a modern web browser accessing our support site
  • files are encrypted in your web browser before upload, and then transmitted securely using HTTPS
  • only Sonatype support can access the files with our secure key, the third-party service cannot decrypt the files

I need to send a large file but I cannot use your large file upload service. What are my options?

Sonatype Support is interested in learning about any challenges you have sending us files related to your support ticket.

Our large file upload service encrypts files before sending them to Sonatype. Your organization may have regulations in place preventing encrypted files from being sent outbound from within your firewall. 

Other options to send us the files include:

  1. Provide Sonatype a download link to download the file from a service you provide to us - mention to us in the ticket you cannot use our secure upload service.
  2. Use our Standard Upload method but compress and then split in chunks no larger than 50 MB the file before uploading to our support ticket.
  3. In the case where support zip larger than 50MB, in our experience this is most likely caused by very large log files being included while not selecting the size limitation options for support zip generation. In that case, try choosing the option to exclude the log files from the support zip and attach log files separately as split files.

Email Attachment Limitations

Only images, text files and small zip files are suitable for this method. Email attachments sent to us can get blocked by your organization firewalls.

Emails sent from Sonatype Support only provide links to download attachments from , never a physical file. You must be authenticated in a web browser as an authorized support contact to download ticket attachments from Sonatype.

Support Ticket Attachment Size Limits

Upload Method Max Attachment Size
Standard Upload
default setting for all tickets
50MB per file
Large File Upload
Enabled per ticket by your support agent.
100GB per file
Email attachment
Least reliable
7MB any 1 file, 10MB total all attachments

Can I send files for my support ticket without being authenticated?

Yes. The original ticket requester can send these attachments as part of an email message in reply to your ticket email thread or by using a unique agent provided large file uploads link. 

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