Starting NxRM as a service may result in a Karaf NullPointerException on start-up


Rapidly stopping and starting Nexus 3 when configured as a service[1] (for example during  DR testing) may result in Nexus not starting up at all and with the following exception in the logging:

2021-05-07 15:18:13,640+0000 INFO [FelixStartLevel] *SYSTEM - start
2021-05-07 15:18:14,285+0000 INFO [FelixStartLevel] *SYSTEM - Fast FeaturesService starting
2021-05-07 15:18:14,364+0000 ERROR [FelixStartLevel] *SYSTEM org.apache.karaf.deployer.features.FeatureDeploymentListener - Unable to update deployed features for bundle: org.apache.felix.framework - 5.6.12
java.lang.NullPointerException: null
at org.apache.karaf.deployer.features.FeatureDeploymentListener.bundleChanged(
at org.apache.karaf.deployer.features.FeatureDeploymentListener.init(
at org.apache.karaf.deployer.features.osgi.Activator$DeploymentFinishedListener.deploymentEvent(
at org.apache.karaf.features.internal.service.FeaturesServiceImpl.registerListener(
at org.apache.karaf.deployer.features.osgi.Activator.doStart(
at org.apache.karaf.util.tracker.BaseActivator.start(
at org.apache.felix.framework.util.SecureAction.startActivator(
at org.apache.felix.framework.Felix.activateBundle(
at org.apache.felix.framework.Felix.startBundle(
at org.apache.felix.framework.Felix.setActiveStartLevel(


  • This issue has been observed in-frequently after rapid system restarts (where NxRM starts automatically via systemd).
  • The error occurs right at the beginning of the boot sequence
  • Any logging or thread dumps captured at the time of the issue do not give any hints as to where the problem is.

Possible cause and fix

This could be a race condition where mounted disks (relevant to Nexus Repository Manager) are not mounted quick enough and/or the network is not fully initialised and up' before 'systemd' kicks in.

If you do have a reliance on network mounts then ensuring these are fully available to Nexus before the Nexus service starts should hopefully overcome this issue.

  • establish which mounts are relied upon (either for blobstores or Nexus data)
  • run
    systemctl list-units | grep '.mount'
    - to get the names of these mount 'units'
  • add both the network and the mounts to the service [Unit] section options for 'Requires' and 'After' [2]
... <required mount 1>.mount <required mount2>.mount <required mount 1>.mount <required mount2>.mount








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