Remediation recommendations don't load consistently

In rare occasions when remediating violations you may run into the following problems: 

  1. Error Messaging - Transitive Dependency check for this component took too long to compute
  2. Recommendation and version graph taking too long to load ~ 15 min

While a large majority (~ 99%) of our observed remediation results are delivered in the order of seconds, sometimes things take a little longer. We’ve encountered this with components such as aws-sdk-java and aws-java-sdk (that are released daily). If you have not migrated to a newer version of these components for a while; one of two things may occur:

  1. You’d see an error - Transitive Dependency check for this component took too long to compute. The dependency check may take too long (due to number. of versions being abnormally large) and may not complete in time. This is why you’d see the error.


  2. Recommendations and version graph take a long time to load. In this case the request completes in time but the response payloads are large (due to the abnormally large no. of evaluated versions) . This can then take some time to download (based on your network configuration) and subsequently render.

Identifying security vulnerabilities with these components remains unaffected.

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