Which version of IQ for Jenkins should I use?

Sonatype actively develops the Nexus Platform Plugin for Jenkins which has verified support for Jenkins 2.x. Sonatype has sunsetted a plugin named IQ for Hudson/Jenkins 1.x which still has some very small use cases, although for almost all circumstances the Nexus Platform Plugin should be used. There is no automated transition between plugins so plugin selection is crucial to reduce redundant work. Switching in the future will require configuring the new plugin and reconfiguring all jobs to suite your needs. Nexus Platform Plugin for Jenkins is available for download via the Jenkins Update Center whereas IQ for Hudson/Jenkins 1.x is available for download via How do I download and install the Nexus IQ Server?


Nexus Platform Plugin for Jenkins

  • I am using Jenkins 2.x
  • I am a new IQ for Jenkins user
  • I require use of Jenkins Pipelines
  • I require use of the Jenkins Credentials Plugin
  • I am using Jenkins 1.x greater than 1.642.3 and would like unverified support


IQ for Hudson/Jenkins 1.x

  • I am using Jenkins 1.x and do not need updates
  • I am using Hudson
  • I am an existing user who does not require Pipelines features and does not want to migrate configuration
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