Configuring firewalls and network access for the Sonatype IQ Server

The Sonatype IQ Server requires HTTP access to the Sonatype Data Services in order to function.

Firewall administrators must ensure the following URL is accessible to the Sonatype IQ Server:

The Sonatype IQ Server also sends HTML based notification emails to your users. These emails contain links to static resources loaded from:

Therefore email clients which load notification messages should have access to the cdn sub-domain to ensure proper HTML formatted rendering.

If you're still having issues accessing these URLs after the steps above, you can take a closer look at the error message itself.

The message, for example, may be of the following form:

YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS,mmm+0000 ERROR [dw-73 - GET /rest/product/notifications?timestamp=...]
  admin com.sonatype.insight.brain.hds.DefaultHdsClient - Connect to
    [] failed: connect timed out
org.apache.http.conn.ConnectTimeoutException: Connect to [] failed: connect timed out

Does actually resolve to on public DNS servers (e.g. via 

It could be that the IP that is listed in the log event was valid at one point, but is no longer so.  The Cloudfront nodes fronting are recycled regularly by AWS, so the IPs mapped to will rotate as a result.  You can check to see if your internal DNS server hasn't caught up and is serving a stale record.

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