How to Debug Outbound IQ Server HTTP Requests

The IQ Server requires HTTP access to Sonatype Hosted Data Services. Sometimes these outbound requests fail and examining the HTTP headers of the requests can help determine why.

Enabling Outbound HTTP Headers Debugging in the IQ Server

Caution: This configuration change may log to the application log HTTP Authorization related headers containing base64 encoded username and passwords. ( HTTP proxy credentials, Jira integration credentials, webhook credentials, etc.)

  1. Edit config.yml. Change

        "org.apache.http": INFO


        "org.apache.http": DEBUG
        "org.apache.http.wire": ERROR
  2. Restart the IQ Server to pick up the configuration changes.
  3. Perform a scan to trigger an outbound HTTP request to data services.
  4. Examine the clm-server.log for the outbound HTTP request and response headers.
  5. When you are done examining the HTTP outbound requests, change the logger back to the default levels and restart the IQ Server to pick up the changes.

        "org.apache.http": INFO
    "org.apache.http.wire": ERROR
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