How to specify additional archive file extensions for Nexus IQ Server CLI

This article discusses an advanced feature that may be removed or altered in future Nexus IQ Server versions. We do not advise using it unless first consulting with Sonatype Support.


The Nexus IQ Server CLI can open a fixed set of archive types when scanning files. Sometimes file naming conventions prevent The Nexus IQ Server from recognizing valid archive types it supports.

How to specify additional archive file extensions for the Nexus IQ Server CLI

The Nexus IQ Server CLI exposes a system property that can list additional file extensions that should be treated as valid archive types.

The system property names correspond to the type of archive supported. The property values are a list of additional file extensions (with or without leading period) to recognize as the archive type indicated by the property name.

System Property Names:

  • jar
  • zip
  • tar
  • tgz
  • tbz
  • txz

How a property is specified depends on the tool.

Maven Plugin

Use a system property for Maven. Example:


Command Line Scanner

Add it as a program argument, example:

java -jar nexus-iq-cli-1.19.0.jar -D zip=ipa,foo,bar -s http://localhost:8070 -i app-id

Hudson/Jenkins CI

The advanced config section of the Nexus IQ Server configuration contains a field. Enter values as a key:value format:

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