How do I find the Nexus ID used by Nexus Repository Health Check?

When the Nexus CLM Plugin sends a health check request to Sonatype servers, it uses a unique ID to identify your Nexus instance. You may be asked for this Nexus ID from Sonatype Support staff in case you are experiencing problems with the plugin.

Nexus Professional

Refer to the screenshot to find out where this ID value is visible in the Nexus Pro user interface (note: In some versions this plugin is called the "Nexus Health Check (Pro) Plugin" or "Nexus IQ Plugin"):


Nexus OSS

Nexus OSS requires a more involved process to find the ID.

1) Edit sonatype-work/nexus/conf/logback-nexus.xml and add the following line after the other loggers:

<logger name="" level="DEBUG" /> 

2) After the change takes effect ( 60 seconds ), and an analysis is performed on a repository, look for lines like the following:

2013-07-05 09:48:03 DEBUG [pxpool-1-thread-1] admin - Calling into server ( with PUT

The 2425fdaabcb641068bd0f69466712345 is the Nexus ID in this case.



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