Nexus Repository 2.12.0-01 RubyGems plugin rollup patch

Visit for documentation on Nexus Repository version 2.

Several RubyGems plugin fixes are planned to be released as part of Nexus Repository 2.13.

Nexus Repository 2.12.0-01 affected customers may opt to install a patch immediately which includes fixes for the following issues:

  • NEXUS-9551 - installing gems with long dependency chains can trigger IOException File name too long
  • NEXUS-9618 - rubygems proxy repository not found cache not consulted
  • NEXUS-9637 - rubygems proxy repository does not respect Artifact Max Age for gem files
  • NEXUS-9705 - expire cache task on rubygems repositories may lead to /api/v1/dependencies api performance degradation

The patch should only be installed in Nexus Repository 2.12.0-01.

Attention Windows Users: There is a known issue installing gems when Nexus is running on Windows. [NEXUS-9865]

How to install the patch

  1. Do not proceed unless you are using the original Nexus Repository 2.12.0-01 jars:

    SHA1: 6907067045a55466d746b40ddc89c8103c1c5159

    SHA1: 636c3037586e7aa9b88fac9653f592cd4ef79d71

  2. Download the following patched jar files and confirm their SHA sum:

    SHA1: 7500b78337bdd59ea5451207cf5eb43435e8c6fc

    SHA1: 1a7f8c8611a31d9d8c9479275c6dfef506d75255

  3. Stop Nexus Repository 2
  4. Replace the original jar files with the patched jar files. Make sure the existing files are no longer present anywhere under nexus-professional-2.12.0-01/nexus/WEB-INF/
  5. Start Nexus Repository 2
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