Reset your auth token

Visit for documentation on Nexus Repository version 2.

Secure central access requires Sonatype to validate your license, and assign your Nexus Repository 2 instance an "auth token" in order to retrieve artifacts through

It may be necessary to reset your auth token if there are problems with it or your license. Follow these steps:

  1. As an Admin user, Open Administration -> Capabilities
  2. Select Secure Central capability
  3. Delete the value in the Auth Token field and Save the capability.
  4. Click the Refresh button in the capabilities tab toolbar and confirm that the Auth Token field contains a new value
  5. Open the Views/Repositories -> Repositories tab. Find your Secure Central repository in the list. Go to the Configuration tab, and find the HTTP Request Settings (optional) section. Clear out the Additional URL Parameters field if it contains any values and Save the configuration.
  6. Click the Refresh toolbar button on the Repositories tab. Wait for the status check to finish and confirm that the secure central proxy is not blocked and available.
  7. Choose the Routing tab of the central proxy Configuration tab and click the Update Now button to refresh the central routing prefix file to a current version.
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