How to disable the System Feeds (nexus-timeline-plugin) feature to improve Nexus Repository 2 performance

Visit for documentation on Nexus Repository version 2.

The following applies to Nexus Repository 2 and earlier.

If your organization does not rely upon the Nexus Repository 2 System Feeds feature, then disabling the nexus-timeline-plugin is an option to improve the throughput and performance of your Nexus Repository 2 instance. This is especially relevant for instances with limited JVM heap or that are under extremely high load from authenticated requests (NEXUS-6317).

  1. Stop Nexus Repository 2
  2. Locate the timeline plugin files at {NEXUS_HOME}/nexus/WEB-INF/plugin-repository/nexus-timeline-plugin-{NEXUS_VERSION}. Move this entire directory, a good location might be {NEXUS_HOME}/nexus/WEB-INF/optional-plugins
  3. Optional: To free some additional disk space, and remove all traces of historical feed information, delete the {NEXUS_WORK}/timeline directory.
  4. Start Nexus Repository 2
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