What to Do When the Blobstore is Out of Disk Space


When the blobstore runs out of disk space, you will notice errors in the nexus.log similar to the following, depending on the repository format:

npm ERR! javax.servlet.ServletException: org.sonatype.nexus.blobstore.api.
BlobStoreException: BlobId: tmp$eb796cb8-7fe6-4306-83ac-3143ced2eb38, java.io.IO
Exception: No space left on device


1. Schedule a Compact Blobstore task to run to remove items from blob storage that have previously been deleted. Many tasks which purge old content from the blobstore mark the content for deletion but do not clean up physical disk space. To remove content from disk, you need to run Compact Blobstore.

2. Shutdown Nexus Repository 3 and allocate more storage to the mount point where the blobstores are located.

3. If you need to move the blobstore to a different location with greater capacity, you can follow the steps in this article:

Relocating Blobstores



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